2010 – April

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Welcome to March/April 2010 newsletter!

Yes, I know, I missed March newsletter. I apologise and hope the content of this newsletter will compensate for last month!

I have been very busy with the new place, new job, new home for the ponies.. new everything! There are few things we don’t think about when we move and it takes a while to sort out. Like, a new farrier, a new vet, a new doctor, a new dentist, a new chiropractor for the ponies, a new one for the humans, a new hairdresser, finding the same feed… did I miss anything?? (big smile)

Fortunately, people in Warwick are very nice and helpful, so we are nearly there!

Many things have been happening that it feels like riding a roller-coaster at times!

I have decided to expand my services to provide a more hands-on approach. I have purchased an Equissage hand-unit and will offer this service at a later stage. I will also offer, once I have acquired the desired level of training, equine acupuncture, acupressure, photon therapy and ultrasound therapy. So I will be busier than ever now! But it will be worthwhile for the animals!

Animal Communication

Lily’s Diary

Well, my little mare has been lame since we moved. I had the vet, the chiropractor and the farrier in. No apparent reason. Just hard ground.
So we are doing ground work a lot and building up our relationship. It’s fantastic! She is so sweet and tries so hard to do the right thing. I take her for a walk around the place and on the road, like a big dog! She looks forward to our little walks and she is becoming more confident! A lot of explanation goes on before we go anywhere. When we get to something she is scared of, I touch the thing and tell her it is safe. She then sniffs my hand and then sniff the object. Works very well! After all, I don’t care if she is not ridden for a while. we have all the time on Earth!
Perseverance people! Perseverance and consistence.

Animal Communication – Know your horse, know yourself

We all have heard of animals mirroring us, but what does it really mean? When I heard this for the first times few years ago, I asked around. Some people said “they mimic their owners”. other said “they take on their illnesses” or “they look like their owners”. Ok, those can be all valid responses but I was not satisfied with them.
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Natural Remedies for Horses and Dogs

Aromatherapy – Natural remedies for horses and dogs with arthritis

Older animals quite often get affected by arthritis. Like in humans, it is a painful illness and, unfortunately, no cure exists yet. However, there are many natural remedies or treatments that can significantly help our friends and can work alongside traditional veterinary medicine. It is wise to consult your vet for a definite diagnostic and make sure that the natural remedies you use do not interfere with whatever your vet has prescribed. The following treatments can be used with horses and dogs. I do not recommend to use aromatherapy (essential oils) on cats as it can be fatal. You can replace essential oils with hydrolats or floral water.
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Until next month, take all care! Please kiss your pets for me!
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New Products!!

  • Arthritis and Muscles
  • Eye Inflammation
  • Horse Colics
  • Foot Lameness
  • Homeopathic Kit

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Animal Communication Foundation correspondence course
Learn animal communication from home. I have designed this course in a way that you will gain the skills to and a solid foundation in animal communication.
Payment plan is now available!
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