2010 – June

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Welcome to June 2010 newsletter!

Dear Cass gmail, have a look at the website! I’ve been busy last month to totally redesign it! I hope you’ll like it! Since some of you have asked for more pictures of me, so here they are!

I hope you’ll find the shopping side of it a lot better.
Also available to those living around beautiful Warwick, new services like Equissage, Acupressure, Acupuncture and Moxibustion for our equine friends.
Of course, to all around the world, animal communication, Reiki, aromatherapy and flower essences.
I had to close the forum though. I moved the site to another server and the forum did not follow. I’m working on it though!

Animal Communication

Articles – Animal Communication and Energy Healing

Stock-whip training with LilyLily’s Diary – stock-whip training

As mentioned last month, I will be talking about Lily’s training in accepting someone cracking a stock whip next to her. Ok, in real life, my little mare will never be exposed to mustering cattle and have whips being cracked around her, neither will she feature in the next Guy Maclean show. But it is Guy who, unknowingly, planted the idea in my head when I saw his show in 2009 at the Ekka.

Read more: How to train your horse with a stockwhip

Don’t forget to check the video for the above article 🙂

Horse Care

Articles – Horse Care

Carrots make wonderful, healthy treats for horsesAll horses love a treat.. or two! And that is fine but you want to ensure you give your pony natural, healthy treats. You can have baked treats or fresh treats so the list is endless!

Of course, you also need to check that the treat would not endangered his life! So here are some ideas for you and your horse.

Read more: Home made treats for horses

Until next month, take all care! Please kiss your pets for me!
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Winter Discount!
To celebrate winter, here is a great gift for you all:

15% Discount on all products (except services and courses) in the shop!
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New Look!!
Horse Whispers site has a new look!
Please check it and let me know what you think!

New Products!!

  • Arthritis and Muscles
  • Eye Inflammation
  • Horse Colics
  • Foot Lameness
  • Homeopathic Kit

Find out more…

Animal Communication Foundation correspondence course
Learn animal communication from home. I have designed this course in a way that you will gain the skills to and a solid foundation in animal communication.
Payment plan is now available!
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