Animal Aromatherapy – How to clean a wound

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lavender-smMy first choice to clean wounds on pets and horses is Lavender and Niaouli essential oils. Pure, unadulterated, 100% Lavendula angustifolia.

I also use Calendula tincture for its disinfectant and healing properties.


Use cold water (preferably cooled boiled water), about 2 cups, add 20 to 30 drops of Lavender oil and the same amount of Niaouli essential oil.

Add 100 drops of Calendula tincture.

Wash the wound with this liquid. You can use cotton balls or some gauze you dip in the solution to wash the wound.

Calendula tincture is made with alcohol, so do not use undiluted as it may sting.

You can then make a paste of French green clay with some cooled boiled water with a drop or two of Lavender and Niaouli essential oils and apply a thick layer on the wound. It will prevent infection and help the tissues heal nicely.

You can replace the water with coconut oil to provide a more greasy paste that will not dry.

You can’t use essential oils on cats but you can use Calendula tincture.

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