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Animal Communication – Is it real?

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Give me a kiss Lily!Communicating intuitively with animals can be a challenge for beginners as they might find it difficult to differentiate between the messages sent by the animal and their own thoughts.

I don’t believe there is a scientific method to help set apart what the animal is “saying” and what your mind and ego are sending you.

So how can you do it? Well, you need to work on your intuition and learn how to silence your ego. There are many exercises and books to help you in developing your intuition but in a nutshell, it is a good idea to practice meditation as often as possible. More you align yourself with the energies around you, more intuitive you will become.

Meditation does not have to be, although it can be if you wished, about religion. It is about connecting with the various forces and energies of the universe. As you practice, you then become attuned with these energies and as your senses developed, your intuition becomes stronger and more accurate, and you are able to silence your mind.

During a session of animal communication, you receive messages in various forms but mainly as feelings, words and images like flashes. When your intuition has become more acute, you will know what is real and what is not. I’m sure by now you are disappointed as you were probably waiting for a method or some sort of easy to use matrix. Unfortunately, unless you were born with a highly developed intuition, you will need to work on it. The good news is that everyone can develop their intuition.

Silencing your mind is also a tricky one as it does not come naturally. We have thousands of thoughts going through our mind and according to science, the human brain is not capable of not thinking. One thought leads to another one and so one. If this is the case, then how can we silence our mind? Again, meditation.

During meditation, you witness your thoughts. When one come, you acknowledge it and brush it away, bringing your mind back into the centre of yourself. You can even do this any time. As an experiment, spend 2 or 3 minutes witnessing the process of your thoughts. But before starting, shift your attention to your heartbeat and see what thoughts come up into your mind. When one come, mentally say to yourself “unnecessary” and “see” the thought disappearing in a void. Make sure to bring your attention to your heartbeat each time as it will wander to follow that thought!

Eventually, your thoughts will become less and you will be able to solely concentrate onto your heartbeat, or the animal you are talking to.

These two essential skills (intuition and silent mind) combined bring you the tools to differentiate between what your animal is telling you and what your mind or ego is chattering. You also become more aware of the feelings and emotions you receive and know which ones are yours.

Then, the only way to convince yourself that what you hear, see and feel during a session is real, is to validate everything with the animal’s carer. Realising that what you discovered is real, is priceless!

You can learn these techniques, as well as how to communicate with animals, in my correspondence course Animal Communication Foundation.

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