Animal communication – Talking Ducks

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duck in pondWild ducks are funny little birds! You see them everywhere but what do they say?

In my horses’ paddock there is a lovely pond that attracts many wild ducks. They congregate there and wander around the place on the look out for some food. At feed time, they come near the horses and nibble at anything falling out of the horses’ mouth.

They are so used to me that I can walk with them without disturbing them.

They always seem to waddle around in pairs. At time, you might see few pairs there but rarely see a lonely duck.

The other day as I arrived at the paddock, I noticed a duck on on the side of the road looking on the opposite direction to the paddock.

This is not a busy road so I was not worried that he might get hurt.

As I was about to go through the gate, I felt compelled to look at the duck again, as if he was calling out for me.

He was indeed calling out and seemed quite distressed. I looked around and saw 3 ducks inside the paddock. They were obviously looking around for the missing duck but could not see him.

I quickly set my attention on the lost duck and starting communicating telepathically with him.

He turned toward me and asked me where the others were. I told him they were in the paddock looking for him. He then did an about-face and waddled toward me.

He was distressed and afraid as he said he lost the others. one minute they were there, the next they were gone.

I explained to him that he needed to turn around and go up the little hill and through the wire.

From where I was standing, I could see the ducks in the paddock and the lost one near the road. I saw the other ducks stop. They looked at me and came toward me. They were all very noisy in my head! Quacking and talking at the same time!

I silently directed the lost duck back toward the paddock and told him to follow me. And he did!

It was so amazing! Even more rewarding when they found each other! they quickly thanked me and waddled along, heading for the horses’ feed buckets.

All this was followed closely by my big Thoroughbred who never misses anything in his paddock!

This little event shows that wild animals are happy to communicate with you, no matter what. They are probably more inclined to do it when they need us, but never the less, they do.

I have noticed birds communicate slightly differently than cats, dogs and horses. Their conversations are usually more succinct. If they use words, they tend to use shorter phrases or single words to describe something. If they use images and feelings, they are like short bursts.

Next time you are out there and see ducks or any other wildlife, why not try to engage conversation with them? They are fun to talk to and you will enjoy it.

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