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Animal Communication Workshop Jan 2010

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Another wonderful day for the students and me!

Thank you all for coming and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Some feedback:

“Really enjoyed it!” – Peggy

“I felt the amount of content and exercises were just right and it is a great foundation to start with” – Emma

“Fantastic, it was a wonderful day and I am sure I will continue on my practising” – Laura

“Very interesting. A huge help!” – Lisa

“I really feel I am meant to be helping somehow and this is a step forward” – Leanne read more

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Animal Communication Foundation Workshop Sept 2009

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The first workshop in Brisbane!

We had 10 wonderful people and the day was simply amazing!

Everyone was able to talk with animals. It was an intense journey in the discovery of one-self and the wonderful world of animals and their deep feelings.

The highlights of the day were probably the student’s discovery of their power animal and the messages received from the species and their own animals. It was a profound experience with unexpected animal guides for some and some wonderful, deep messages from various species. read more

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