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The Ugly Truth About Animal Testing

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The ugly truth about animal testing
The ugly truth about animal testing

Withdrawing Support from those who Test on Animals

April 24 every year is World Laboratory Animal Day, and the week surrounding this date is known as WWAIL – World Week for Animals in Laboratories. Most people are completely unaware of the exorbitant numbers of animals that are tortured each year for the testing of drugs, weapons, surgical procedures, cosmetics and household products. Even a small country like Australia uses approximately 7 million animals each year for various scientific research and teaching projects.

Fight Against Animal Cruelty

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Stop the slaughtering of baby seals

Animals are a wonderful part of our natural world and deserve every ounce of love and respect we can shower them with. Unfortunately, many people out there also subject these wonderful creatures to various inhumane acts for the sake of their own benefits. These hapless animals are unable to fight back or even voice out their fear and distress so we must take a stand and campaign against cruelty to animals.

The Cruelty Of Claw Removal

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Cat declawed after surgey

One of the most important parts of a cat is its claws. Their claws are used for a variety of tasks which include balancing and climbing. Apart from that, cats also use their claws to stretch, walk and run. Furthermore, the claws on a cat are its most basic form of defence and very important to it.

Wild Horses of The Kimberleys Saved!

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I am proud to say that I am an animal rights activist. I would love to be able to do more to save animals from inhumane death and the savagery of humans so when I receive an email like this one, I am ecstatic! Animals Australia has done a fantastic job in saving the wild horses of the Kimberleys! Thank you!

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