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Cats and Feline Diabetes

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One of the most popular pets in many countries these days is the cat. Many households keep these lovable animals for the sake of companionship and fun. However, like all other animals, cats can fall sick and it is your duty as a responsible pet owner to know how to handle such situations. Cats might get hit by many different types of illnesses but feline diabetes is one which we should watch out for. Although it can be treated by a vet, make it a point not to take this serious disease too lightly. read more

When Cats Get Older

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Like all living creatures, there comes a time when we simply must say goodbye to our beloved cat no matter how much we don’t want to. Your cat might still behave like it is a kitten but time has already taken its toll on its body and it can no longer function the way it used to. A well looked after family cat usually lives for about 15 years but there are cases of cats living up to 30 years of age. No pet owner wants to think of the day they have to part with their beloved cat. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to ensure that your cat stays in good health and give it the highest chance possible for a long life. read more

Australian Paralysis Tick And Your Dog – Part 2

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In part 1, we’ve discussed the life cycle of ticks and the symptoms of the paralysis ticks of Australia when a dog or cat has become a feeding host. In this final article, I will explain what you can do for your pet when he has been bitten by a paralysis tick, how to remove the tick and tick prevention.

What to do if your pet has a paralysis tick

By now you have familiarised yourself with the symptoms of such tick bite and you are able to recognise the first signs.

The animal will become extremely distressed as the symptoms worsen. It is important to keep your pet calm as the toxins travel faster with the blood when the heart is pumping more rapidly. Be cautious when handling a distressed pet, especially cats as they are unable to discern what is happening around them and can easily cause harm to the handler. read more

Australian Paralysis Tick And Your Dog – Part 1

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As soon as spring and the rain arrive, so do the ticks. Here, on the eastern coast of Australia, the deadly Australian paralysing tick (Ixodes holocyclus) is a tick dreaded by all pet owners as it can kill a dog within few hours and may cause serious illness to humans when bitten. In America, the Brown Dog Tick or “Rhipicephalus Sanguineus” is well known for carrying the Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. This blood-feeding parasite not only carry many diseases able to infect humans, it also presents serious danger to all pets. read more

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