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Benefits Of Natural Healing For Dogs And Cats

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There are many benefits to natural healing for dogs and cats. If you have pets then you probably know how expensive a vet can be. The biggest benefits of natural healing are the amount of money you will save and the natural methods used. You can treat you pets right at home for a fraction of what a vet would charge, knowing the products you use are natural and do not have the side effects of heavy medicine.

Saving money is a great reason to use natural healing but it is not the only reason. If your pet gets sick in the middle of the night or on a holiday it may be difficult to get in touch with your vet. This is not a problem if you use natural healing methods to treat your pet. read more

Where To Find Information On Aromatherapy For Cats

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When a person has a cat they know that they own the house. However, a cat owner will want to give their cat the best quality of life possible. That may include taking them to the vet, groomer, bathing them etc. It may also include using aromatherapy for cats. The problem one can run into though is that aromatherapy is not recommended on cats.

Essential oils, like most organic substances, are composed of what is called chemotypes. Chemotypes are the chemical components of essential oils. Cats are unable to process the chemotypes of essential oils through their liver like humans, dogs, horses etc. In fact, using essential oils on cats can be fatal. read more

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