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Australian Paralysis Tick And Your Dog – Part 1

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As soon as spring and the rain arrive, so do the ticks. Here, on the eastern coast of Australia, the deadly Australian paralysing tick (Ixodes holocyclus) is a tick dreaded by all pet owners as it can kill a dog within few hours and may cause serious illness to humans when bitten. In America, the Brown Dog Tick or “Rhipicephalus Sanguineus” is well known for carrying the Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. This blood-feeding parasite not only carry many diseases able to infect humans, it also presents serious danger to all pets. read more

Are Dogs Capable of Extra Sensory Perception?

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ESP, or extra sensory perception is one of the most widely studied yet least understood topics in the world today. Strangely enough, the study of ESP extends not only to human beings but to animals as well. In fact, there might just be a stronger case for animals having ESP rather than humans. There is nothing more unsettling than having a cat strangely meowing at the corner of a wall, or your dog looking at you so deeply that he seems to know what you are thinking.

For ESP to exist, there must be a powerful bond between the owner and his pet. Additionally, because of the intangible nature of ESP, many people find it hard to accredit it to our pets. However, even though we cannot see, hear, touch, smell or taste ESP, its existence is as certain as emotions like love and hate. read more

How To Check Your Dog For Fleas

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Scratching dog - fleas

The detection of fleas on the body of your pets is easy. You can do this flea-checking regimen every time your pet scratches and is groomed. Bear in mind to never neglect the condition of your pet’s skin, as it will bring you more insights on the status of the infestation since these parasites can cling there for a long time.

When you are planning to start a full flea inspection to your pet, make sure to answer the following important and self-explanatory queries:

1. Is the skin of your pet clean, or is it bursting with dirt particles? read more

Can dogs communicate with us?

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Are dogs able to communicate with humans? Yes, of course and they do not use spoken words as we know. It’s strange how much we seem to take communication with our dogs for granted.

Picture this familiar scenario:

You have just returned home after a long, gruelling day at work. You want nothing more than to be warmly welcomed home and relieved of your stress and troubles at the office. However, upon opening your front door, all you hear is kids screaming, loud music; you say “Hi!” to your family and no one replies. You shrug, hang your coat and head to your office. You feel miserable. Suddenly, you are warmly greeted by a special member of the clan. From whom might this welcome greeting have come? It is none other than Blacky, your lovely dog. read more

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