Equine Nutrition

Equine nutrition is not only a science, it’s also an art as so many factors have to be taken into account to provide horses with all the nutrients they require to be in top condition.

Feeding your horse on the cheap

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In a time of financial crisis, it might be difficult to feed your horse. However, I also believe that there is enough cheap alternative not to let a horse starve. So I thought I’ll see if I can come up with some cheap options. Of course, the best option would be to have a good doer who can live on the smell of an oil rag like my Lily, but it is not always the case!   First of all, let us review some fundamental facts of equine nutrition:

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Natural Sources Of Copper Available To Horses

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Copper is a trace mineral essential to the well being of horses. As we strive to provide our horses with a good diet, we add supplements to complement the lack of nutrients from depleted paddocks or diets that do not suffice in regards to minerals and vitamins. Of course, we want to give our horses the best so we look for natural sources of copper.

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