Animal Communication – Death in the eye of the horse

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Lily - beautiful horseDying is a natural process which occurs as part of any living being’s life path. It is the death of the physical body whilst the soul migrates to another realm. Some will argue that animals do not have souls. As any animal communicator will tell you, animals have souls and we are able to connect with them in these higher realms.

Maybe because I specialise in horses and have a very strong bond with them, I find they have an amazing inner knowledge and insight of these realms.

On many occasions, I have had the chance to be in contact with horses that have passed away or were about to, or had faced death during their life.
All of them had similar answers and behaviour in regards to this sad and inevitable outcome.
They do not fear death because they know life cannot be without death.
They accept it fully. However, they fear how they die and when they die.

I have worked with horses who escaped slaughter and what they have shown me was horrific.
The fear and sufferance of these horses waiting to be butchered was horrendous.
Their silent screams and terror brought up chill in my body along with tears.
I sensed it so much inside me that it felt as if I were the one waiting for my fate.
They were not ready to go. It wasn’t their time and they knew it! They knew what was awaiting them and they felt the sufferance and the pain before it happened.

If people knew what they were going through, no one would ever send their horses to the “doggers” as we call them here in Australia or slaughter houses.

Animals know when they must go and having your pet euthanized before it is their time is very upsetting to them.
One old mare told me, “nature has to take its natural course, and I will tell my person when it is time for me to go. She will know”. Another one said to me “it is not normal for me to go now… it would be against The Law”. by The Law, she meant the law of the universe.

It is true that as a good animal owner, one must not let them suffer in illness. However, one must not take this decision lightly or for the wrong reasons.
When the owner is attuned to their pets, they, somehow know when it is time to let them go. The animal lets them feel it and behaves differently.

When your pet has a terminal illness which has been confirmed by your vet, and you know the inevitable is coming close but you are unsure when it is time to let him go, then the following might be of help.
If you don’t think you are sensing what your animal is telling you, here are some clues to look for:

  • the animal’s eating and drinking habits have changed (not interested in food or water)
  • the animal becomes aggressive towards people or another animal
  • when looking in the eye of the animal, it seems that all joy has left. It seems empty
  • the animal is sad, withdrawn, depressed and it is getting worse
  • the animal looks at you with pleading eyes

I believe the 3 last points are the most important ones in understanding what your animal is telling you.
Keeping your pet alive for your own benefit, is selfish and unfair to them. One must find the courage, and the love the animal deserves, to let them go to The Other Land. In peace and dignity.
If you are asking yourself whether you should euthanize your pet, then you have answered your question yourself. When one has doubts, it means it is not time.

So what is The Other Land?

One day, a horse mentioned The Other Land to me. I was surprised by this name and even more surprised when he told me it was where they went when leaving this earth. Well, this horse was alive at the time of the session!
I asked him whether he had been there before. He said “No, but I know about it.”
I then asked him to tell me more. He said that it was a good place, where peace and freedom were always present.
When I asked him how come he knew about it if he’d never been there, he replied it was part of the Collective Blueprint (!). I thought, hmm.. another puzzle.
He explained that they (horses) all know about The Other Land and they all know it is normal to go there. He said this is a transitional place where everything begins and end without never ending. He added that they know when they need to go there and it upsets the pattern when they are sent there at the wrong time.

How they get there frightens them. Somehow, they all have the idea they will die peacefully with as less suffering as possible. I think they did not count on us humans!

I have a good friend there, a beautiful mare named Crystal (thanks to her last owner for allowing me to contact her). Crystal always greets me when I visit and she is always ready to guide me around as well as to share her deep knowledge of life and death. She helps others who arrive. She even helps other species! Crystal has explained to me that horses who have suffered in death are willing to forgive but still bear the scars of their ordeal, which sometimes flairs up as unexplained behaviour in their new life.

Animal communication can definitely help finding out whether it is time for your pet to go or not. It will definitely give you peace of mind as well as allowing your animal to tell you all about the process. One thing for sure is that the journey from the present life path to The Other Land and then to the next life path is a great place to be!

As a plea for these magnificent creatures that are horses, when you must end their life, please do so humanely (or should I say horsely?), with consideration for what they believe and how they feel. You will help them in their next life with us. And who knows, you might find yourself the owner of a horse who went to The Other Land!

2 thoughts on “Animal Communication – Death in the eye of the horse”

  1. My 2 elderly horses were put to sleep a couple days ago and after reading your advice I hope I did the right thing by them because I loved them more than life itself my gelding was 27 with Cushings he was starting to lose lots of weight wasn’t that interested in his feed and his eyes looked sad. Also arthritis had taken away his ability to canter and lie down down which he use to do all the time. My mare was very arthritic and had started to get stuck when rolling taking her 4 or 5 attempts to get back up. She looked sad to. I’m absolutely devasted by their passing and I hope I did it as painless as possible I had the injection. I spend my time wishing I could feel their presence because life without them is unbearable and I love them so much that without them life doesn’t seem worth it.

    1. I feel your pain. It is so hard to let them go. It seems they had some significant health issues and it was time to say goodbye. They will always be with you in your heart so they haven’t left you. May they rest in peace.

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