Are Dogs Capable of Extra Sensory Perception?

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ESP, or extra sensory perception is one of the most widely studied yet least understood topics in the world today. Strangely enough, the study of ESP extends not only to human beings but to animals as well. In fact, there might just be a stronger case for animals having ESP rather than humans. There is nothing more unsettling than having a cat strangely meowing at the corner of a wall, or your dog looking at you so deeply that he seems to know what you are thinking.

For ESP to exist, there must be a powerful bond between the owner and his pet. Additionally, because of the intangible nature of ESP, many people find it hard to accredit it to our pets. However, even though we cannot see, hear, touch, smell or taste ESP, its existence is as certain as emotions like love and hate.

I have found the following stories for you:

Famous researchers from the Duke University Parapsychology Laboratory in North Carolina have long established the fact that the ESP ability is found in the human race. Consequently, they soon began to move the direction of their research towards the possibility of ESP existing in animals. Apart from Dr. Rhine and his team at Duke University, prominent Russian scientists Bkhterev and Durov have also conducted very similar studies.

Since news of Dr. Rhine’s research became public knowledge, his office had been inundated with letters and notes. Each one of these was proclaiming to be evidence and reports depicting ESP in pets like dogs and cats. Instead of being overwhelmed by the huge number of reports, Dr. Rhine and his team made sure they undertook the painstaking task of investigating each and every one of these cases to validate its authenticity. “Psi training”, or “Homing”, is the most frequently reported form of ESP but stories involving additional types of ESP have also been documented.

Probably one of the most well-known stories of ESP in pets is about a Collie named Bob. Bob’s amazing “Homing” adventure not only made him famous in many newspapers around the world but the story even ended up being made into a movie.

Bob’s most significant trick was raising his paw when he wanted food. This charming move made him unique and special to his loving family. His story began when his family went on a holiday trip from Oregon to the East Coast. However, caught up in their excitement and other distractions, Bob’s family forgot about him when they set off for home. They only realised that Bob was missing on the way home. After searching for Bob without success, the grief-stricken family made their way back – about 2500 miles away. Four months later, a Collie appeared at the front door of their home in Oregon, with its paw raised. Bob had found his way home.

A similar story involved a mixed-breed dog called Henry. After being left with friends in Illinois when his family moved to Michigan, Henry began his search for them. 6 weeks later, he excitedly greeted them at the corner of their home in Michigan. The astonished family was sceptical at first but was later convinced that the dog that greeted them was indeed their beloved pet Henry. Their friends even came from Illinois to confirm it was Henry.

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