Fight Against Animal Cruelty

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Stop the slaughtering of baby seals

Animals are a wonderful part of our natural world and deserve every ounce of love and respect we can shower them with. Unfortunately, many people out there also subject these wonderful creatures to various inhumane acts for the sake of their own benefits. These hapless animals are unable to fight back or even voice out their fear and distress so we must take a stand and campaign against cruelty to animals.It is inconceivable how man can be sadistic enough to subject these marvelous wonders of nature to such barbaric forms of torture for their own amusement and benefits. For instance, how can someone in their right mind be cruel enough to slaughter innocent little baby seals by the thousands just to cash in on their fur and skins? Such acts should be condemned and culprits made known to all so they will be shamed wherever they walk. Nonetheless, not enough is being done just yet and the helpless parents are forced to watch as their young baby seals get bludgeoned to death in a bloodthirsty scene that would wrench the heart of even the most hardened man.

This is not the only act of brutality as we regularly hear reports of kittens’ tails getting chopped off, puppies getting burnt and such. The most horrifying and painful situation is that of a self-proclaimed pet lover starving his own dog until it is nothing more than skin and bones.

These heartless acts must stop right now and it is our duty to take a stand in this matter. Not just the perpetrators of these obscene acts must be brought to justice but the people who support them as well. Onlookers who witness such extremities but do not do anything to stop it should be blamed just as much as the culprit himself.

However, just how can a single human being do enough to stop cruelty to animals on a worldwide scale? The most important thing to do is to start believing that we can change this world, one person at a time, one step at a time. Do your own personal part to stop animal abuse and spread the word to all your friends and families.

Simple things you can do are, to start with, not to buy any fur products. Fur coats, fur toys, fur figurines of any sort. You can also refuse to buy products that are tested on animals like Colgate, Johnson & Johnson, Dove, Nivea, Rexona etc. See this article for more info on this subject.

For your own part, ensure that you stay vigilant around areas or crowds that are notorious for getting pleasure from torturing helpless animals. In addition, make certain that if a relative or close friend of yours has a sadistic streak that endangers animals, call the police or report him to the RSPCA as soon as possible. Regardless of who it is, such tendencies must be curbed and the perpetrator warned. For all you know, if you encourage these violent acts, his next target may well be another human being.

Always remember that animals are just like us and they can feel pain too. Animals are no different from you and I and do not want anyone inflicting pain and suffering upon them. Do all that is within your power to stop such situations from occurring. Campaigns against cruelty to animals are slowly gathering steam but it is still not enough to completely weed out these violent acts. We need each and every one of us to work together to build a much better world where we can live harmoniously with our animal friends and treasure each other’s company.

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