First Aid Kit for Dogs

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Like for humans, dogs may require first aid treatment at least once in their life. It is important to be prepared and have the right equipment on hand when something happens to your dog.

In case of emergency, you want to be able to reduce the pain and discomfort of your dog and save his life.

The first thing to do is to have a dedicated container to store your supplies. The container must be waterproof and labelled especially for your dog’s first aid kit as you don’t want to mix the supplies with the kit for humans.

Here is a list of recommended supplies:

1. Bandages, cotton, gauze, adhesive tape and Vet-wrap for wounds.

2. Keep a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and anti-bacterial ointment cream in your pet first aid kit. A topical antibiotic ointment such as Betadine will work. Pets often suffer from scrapes and open wounds. Having a tube of anti-bacterial ointment can help prevent infection. Also, many anti-bacterial creams also contain mild pain relievers. The anti-bacterial ointment should be applied on clean open wounds. Anti-bacterial ointments prevent contamination, and help seal wounds so that they are not exposed to air or further abrasion.

3. A bottle of eyewash or eye drops. Many pet emergencies have to do with eye injuries. Make sure to have a bottle of eyewash in order to spray away debris or dirt particles that may exacerbate eye injuries.

4. A rectal or ear thermometer. A good thermometer can help you gauge the seriousness of your pet’s injury.

5. Pain reliever. Dogs and cats should not be administered ibuprofen. They can be given very small dosages of aspirin.

6. Activated charcoal. Giving your pet natural activated charcoal may help prevent poisoning. If your pet is suffering from stomach or intestinal discomfort, activated charcoal also helps control diarrhoea and flatulence.

7. Keep a pair of scissors, tweezers, and forceps in your first aid kit. Preferably, the scissors should have a blunt end. These are best for cutting bandages, fabric, or matted hair.

8. A blanket, to keep your pet warm and comfortable, and to help prevent shock.

9. A list of important phone numbers. Included on the list should be: the number of your veterinarian, a poison control hotline, and the number of the nearest emergency veterinary clinic.

10. A first aid book that describes how to administer CPR to your pet and which outlines procedures for a number of emergency scenarios.

11. Essential oils of Lavender, Tea Tree and Niaouli to disinfect wounds and help the healing process.

12. French green clay in place of medicated ointment

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  1. A teaspoon of peroxide is also useful if your dog swallows something poisonous and you need them to regurgitate it immediately. My dog got into some rat poison, the vet said to make them swallow a teaspoon of peroxide immediately. It was an instant reaction and brought everything up.

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