How to prepare Clay

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clay-pasteHow to prepare the Clay Paste, or mud, to apply on pets.

Depending on the size of the area you would like to apply the paste to, add 1 (or more) teaspoon of clay in a plastic or glass cup.

Depending on what you would like to achieve, you may add 1 or 2 drops of essential oil, or just not use any. Refer to the essential oils profiles to find out which EO does what.

Then add a little bit of water (preferably boiled but cooled or purified) or coconut oil and mix using a paddle pop stick (never use metal) to form a thick smooth paste.

Clay stays active as long as it is moist. If using water, the paste, if not covered, will dry fairly quickly. This method is more appropriate if the area will be covered with a bandage. Coconut oil will keep the clay moist for many hours and will make a thick and sticky paste. This method is more appropriate if the area will stay uncovered.

For example, if using the paste on a horse and on an area that cannot be bandaged, you want the paste to stay on for at least 2 hours without drying while the animal is in the paddock, you would preferably use the oil method.

The oil will keep the flesh moist so if you need to dry out the area, then you should use water.

It is possible to use the clay dry as well, like a talc. This is useful at the beginning of a little rash or hot spots when the skin is not broken, or on an already moist wound.

Please note that if you put clay on a blister, it will not help the healing process as it will not be acting on the wound itself.

You can also mix clay with a little bit of oil and then add some water. This will form a thick emulsion that won’t be as oily. This method is great for poultices on horse’s legs when bandaging is not possible.

Once the paste is ready, apply a thick layer on the area, against the hair first, and then with the hair. Cover if necessary. If it’s a cut or wound, make sure the paste is well in it.

Check out our tips on using clay and how to apply it on your pets.

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