Animal communication – My horse is ill, how/what does he feel?

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horseThunder3Many owners are concerned about the well being of their horses and want to know whether they are in pain, especially when they are ill. Animal communication can help to discover how they feel.

During an intuitive communication session, I am able to feel what the horse (or any other animal for this matter) feels in his body. That is I will have similar pain in my body.

This is very useful as, unfortunately, animals cannot tell us with our words where they hurt.

However, the animal can only tell me (or make me feel) where they ache. By this, I mean they might have been diagnosed with an illness, but if they are not in pain, then they don’t know about it, and I cannot feel it.

Depending on what it is, I may be able to feel the general well being of the animal, like for example, whether they are tired or lethargic. I can feel their state of mind at the time of the session and I report this to you. If I feel there is anything wrong about the animal, I will tell.

I do ask that what is identified during a session is followed up and the owner/caretaker must understand that it might not be all there is as explained above. I always recommend to consult a vet, especially if there are doubts regarding the health of the animal. For example, when a horse is loosing weight and there are no other factors involved (i.e. feed regime and level of activity unchanged, regularly wormed, teeth done, no other horses bullying, no abuse etc), I suggest that a vet be consulted and blood tests done.

A session brings up whatever the animal is willing to share with me and whatever he is able to share.

The horse is not capable of telling me he’s got cancer or liver damage. These words mean nothing to him. But he can make me feel he has a sore tummy, which is what I would report: “the sore tummy”.

You cannot rely on a session to identify health issues. It is not complete. It can certainly help though. Energy healing or Reiki can also assist in the healing process, but cannot replace traditional veterinary care. Likewise, it can help with Laminitis for example, but it won’t be able to trim the horse’s hooves!

So please, when your animal is unwell, always consult a veterinarian. Your pet will be thankful and you will improve his life and well being.

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