Animal Communication – Past lives of animals

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Thunder and CassI don’t write much about my beloved Thoroughbred Thunder but I feel it is time to share a story about him with you.

The first time I conducted an animal communication session with Thunder, I received the most powerful images and feelings I have ever received from any other animals. Originally, I had planned a healing session and it turned out to be a mixture of both.

I started working on his base chakra, and moved along his spine, spending much time on each chakra, rebalancing them and raising his life force up.

When I laid my hands on his heart chakras, a powerful feeling of sadness hit me, straight in my heart. It was so strong that I started crying. I didn’t know yet why I was crying but my heart felt squeezed into a clamp and it hurt terribly. My first reaction was to back off and I stood there next to Thunder with tears rolling down my face. I looked at him and he looked at me then went back eating his hay.

I had to really force myself to go back where I left as the feeling was sickening. Within seconds of laying my hands on his heart chakras, the feeling came back but this time, as I was prepared, I decided to pursue the session.

I was only receiving his feelings and no images or words. My question to him was “Why? Why are you feeling so sad?” but no response. Then I asked him “Are you happy with me?” and Thunder replied loud and clear in my mind “I could not have wished for anything else! You are finally here”.

The discussion went on as follows:

  • Me: what do you mean I’m finally here?
  • Thunder: no response
  • Me: if you are happy with me, why are you so sad?
  • Thunder: I wished you had found me earlier so we would have been again together mush sooner
  • Me: ok, but we are together now so why the sadness?
  • Thunder: too many things happened and I missed you
  • Me: I don’t understand Thunder
  • Thunder: don’t worry, you will

By that time, I understood that Thunder and I must have been together in a past life. I kept working on his heart chakras until I felt some relief in me and the sadness started melting away. I knew I had to work on his 3rd eye and I will discover a lot more than I expected (you can retrieve information about past lives through the 3rd eye and the Crown chakras). I laid one hand on his crown and the other one on his 3rd eye chakra and waited.

Within seconds, images came flooding down. We did not have one past life together, we had many lifetimes!

I already know my past lives but when I discovered them the first time, I had never noticed a horse by my side. The images kept flooding my head like a movie trailer. I saw myself first, as a Celtic warrior BC. Then I was at the time where Christ was born and I was a woman in Palestine. Then I was a soldier during the Dark Age. And then a boy living in the woods, gathering plants. These images of my past lives were already well known to me.

Then the movie went back to the beginning and new images came up. And then I saw him, this big brown/black horse travelling by my side in each of these life times.

In battles, in quests, as a companion and a friend, our bond was stronger each time.

In one lifetime, he gave his life for me in a battle.

Thunder, during all these past lives, has always been a dark coloured horse and a big one too, like he is now in this present lifetime. He was fierce and brave as he is now.

In a glimpse of one lifetime (the soldier during the Dark Age), I saw him on the ground, wounded to death and as I was holding his head, I promised that we would meet again and that I will always find him, no matter what.

I finished the session weeping while Thunder was covered in sweat, especially around his chest area, neck and head. I sat down on the ground and looked at Thunder. He looked back at me and gave me a gentle nudge with his head.

Why do animals remember their past lives and we don’t? I don’t have an answer. However, I tend to believe the reason is that we are disconnected from the Source and the Truth. Animals keep this connection and are able to access their Akashic Records. Their energy is pure. Horses even more so than other species. Animals have a deep understanding of death and know what happens after. We question life after death and we have no recollection of it.

A couple of months later, I went to see a medium and I had never met the lady before, nor did I discuss any of my current life with her. As she started connecting with her spirit guides, she looked at me amused and told me that they were saying my soul mate was a horse. A big brown/black horse. They confirmed he had been with me for many lifetimes and he had been waiting for me to get him in this lifetime. They could not get his name, but the guides were clapping their hands loudly…. like the thunder…

I then understood why I ended up agisting my mare Lily in the paddock where Thunder had been forgotten… so I could find him again… and why no one else wanted him.

Not all animals have past lives and those who have, might not have been with their current persons previously.

Do you need to find out about your animals’ past lives? Not necessary. However, if you feel there is something unusual between you and your animals, like an unusual bond, then maybe it is worth looking into it. It is also useful to understand some of your pets’ current behaviour, and sometimes, current physical ailments as well.

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