Questions on Animal Communication

Frequently asked questions on animal communication and their answers.

What’s animal communication?

Animal communication is a way of communicating with animals using telepathy. There are other names for it like intuitive communication or inter-species communication. It is very easy and anyone can do it. It’s a matter of entering a certain level of meditation, focus on the animal you want to speak with and then listen to what you hear, feel or see with your mind. The hardest part is the interpretation of the received messages.

What’s a distance session?

An animal communication distance session is where I communicate with your animal using a photo.
I prefer this method because I can do it in my own time where I know I will not be disturbed and the animal won’t be distracted. This way my concentration is much more effective and I achieve better results.
As this work is about accessing the various energetic levels or planes, it does not matter whether the animal is near me or not. I do require a picture though. Energies have no time and space restrictions, making distance sessions highly effective.

Do I have to do anything during a distance session/reading?

No, not at all.
I will conduct the session and then will email you with the findings.
You don’t need to be near your horse or pet at the time of the session, which makes it convenient to you.

What do you need from me to conduct a session?

I need a picture of your animal friend. Preferably by himself and where I can see his eyes.
I also need to know the gender, breed, age and whether he is still on Earth with us.
I don’t need the full story of his life but more what you want me to ask or work on.

What can I expect from a session?

I need 3 to 4 days to conduct the sessions. I always conduct at least 2 sessions, and quite often 3. if I need more time, I will let you know.
Quite often, animals with issues will require additional healing sessions to open up and being able to discuss their problems.
I always work with the animal to resolve their issues. I never conduct more than 1 session a day as I get better results with 24 hour intervals.
During the session, and once I have established a connection with your animal, I ask him questions and I receive answers in the form of pictures, words or feelings.
If there are specific issues you have asked me to work on, I then discuss these with him. Whatever the animal whispers to me, I report it to you via email.

How accurate is this animal communication ?

As any intuitive work, no one can claim it is 100% accurate. Some times it might be, some times it might not.
On average, it is fairly accurate. Accuracy relies upon many factors such as my personal well being at the time of a session, the animal’s willingness to open up and whisper to me and my interpretation of what the animal is showing or telling me. You can read the testimonials of people who have experienced my work and decide for yourself.

Are you able to come to see my horse in person?

At this point in time, I am unable to visit in person. Animal communication and energy healing (Reiki) do not require me to be next to your horse or pet to have a successful session. In fact, the session is more likely to be more fruitful than one in person as there is no distraction to affect the connection.

What happens if you can’t communicate with my pet?

This does not happen often. However, sometimes you encounter a horse (or other pet) who is so withdrawn that he does not wish to communicate, like an autistic person. He lives in his own world or has become so detached that nothing seems to get to him. It’s like a protective layer to him.
In these cases, after speaking to him a little, I then leave. I come back the next day. 99.99% of the time, the second day the communication happens. I usually follows it with a 3rd meeting. Or, I could be unwell and unable to create the link. I always try multiple times over a few days.
In the event where I cannot communicate at all, I will refund your money and discuss with you the available avenues. However, this has never happened.

Are you a psychic? Can you predict the future?

No, I don’t call myself a psychic and no I don’t predict the future. In my experience, the future can only be true at the time but we have the power to change it. But you don’t need to be a psychic to communicate with animals; you only need to learn the techniques of animal communication.
I have no intention on predicting a future that may change. I can see what your horse or pet would like to do, but it does not mean it will happen. It is true that some framework for each individual is set in life, but how you get there, when and whether you will follow step by step what the Universe has laid down for your life is entirely up to you.
When it comes to animals, unfortunately, their future is highly dependent on us and their choice is non existent. Animals’ aspirations are very different to ours and they can have a very fulfilling and happy life with only little.
The fact that so many humans do not provide them with these so little but vital requirements, is appalling and very sad.

My animal is sick, can you help?

Yes and no. I can help you finding out where he is in pain and I can help with energy healing such as Reiki. This type of healing is complementary to traditional medicine and as the name indicates, it is HEALING and not MEDICINE. I cannot diagnose and prescribe medication. If your horse (or any other animal) is ill, you must contact your vet as soon as possible.

Do you only do horses or can you work on other animals or people?

I specialise in horses because I have a special bond with them but I work with all animals, including wildlife.
I do require a picture though.
I do not do any readings or Reiki for people. There are plenty of healers who specialise in that field and are much more talented than me in the area of humans.

Can you communicate with my dog who died a couple of years ago?

Yes, I can. I only need a photo and some basic information.
However, when animals have passed away many years ago, they may not always remember their life on Earth or they may have reincarnated, which may hinder the findings.

Can you change the behaviour of my pet?

It is possible, but not guaranteed. Behaviour modification depends on many factors, not just animal communication or energy healing. Older the animal is, more difficult it is to modify his behaviour. Animals, like people, may have OCD (obsessive compulsory behaviour). People can be on medication all their life to be able to live normally. This is not the case for animals. With older animals, they may arrive to a stage where they don’t realise they are doing certain things repeatedly like windsucking or licking. They may even have forgotten the reason they started this in the first place. It is easier to work on younger animals because it is still “fresh” in their memories.
When trying to change an animal’s behaviour, one must be prepared to look into the animal’s lifestyle as well as theirs and change it accordingly.
It also takes time, patience and much effort on your part.

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