Speaking with Animal Guides

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thundereyeAs an animal communicator, you get the chance to meet and speak with many animal species, breeds and characters. Sometimes, you get the honour to speak with an animal guide, an old soul, whose sole purpose on this Earth and lifetime is to provide deep spiritual guidance to his carer.

When you start a session with an animal, you don’t really know what to expect. You get the chatty ones, withdrawn ones, those who find it very interesting, others who don’t care, the range is wide and various. Within the first 5 minutes, you are able to tell how the conversation will go and what sort of being you are speaking with.

It is not common to find a spiritual guide though and within those first 5 minutes, such animal will set the pace and the setup of the session. Although they don’t come and say “Hey! I’m a guide to my person!”, the words they use and the usually cryptic messages you receive tell you they are guides. That’s when you know you are going to have a fantastic, deep and most enjoyable conversation.

A guide will do or say something very different and unique. I had the pleasure to speak with Robin not long ago, a Maltese. After introducing myself and explaining why I was here to speak with him, Robin came straight to my face and looked me deeply in the eyes. It felt strange but I sensed a formidable energy coming from Robin and a feeling of knowing. His wisdom had just hit me. Then he smiled and went back to his cushion. I knew at this point in time that he was a guide. After answering the mundane questions, I went to ask the more personal ones. As he was talking, I felt the urge to do automatic writing and to let him speak.

The session went on for an hour. Of course, I cannot tell you what he said (privacy) but it was typical of a higher being talk. There was no clear direction, but plenty of guidance. The words were chosen carefully. They were profound but vague. A guide, as the word says, will never tell you what to do or how to do it. He will have subtle messages that will make you think and open your heart to what is coming. Sometimes, the messages don’t seem to mean anything until something happens and you will remember this message and you will know what it means and what to do.

For example, lets say that you want to know whether you need to quit your job to do xyz and you decide to ask your animal friend. If you meet a being who tells you “yes, you need to quit your job to do xyz”, then you must be very cautious as this is not a guide or your animal speaking, but an entity. A guide will tell you something like “you must listen to your feelings about the situation. Do you think you are following your path?”. Guides don’t make decisions for you, they help you see the situation.

I remember when I met Crystal for the first time. Crystal was an appaloosa mare who had passed away few years back and her owner wanted to know how she was. After we had finished the session, Crystal did not go. She stood there in front of me, cocking her head she asked me whether I needed help. I said I didn’t and asked what she meant. She came closer and put her head on my shoulder and said “you will need someone in the other world to help you with your work”. I was surprised and asked her if she wanted to help. She replied “I would not have told you if I wasn’t meant to do that”. I thought to myself “Ok, she’s got an attitude!” and asked her “are you a guide?”. She looked at me but did not answer. I repeated the question. She looked at me and said “yes, I am. You should know that”. I asked the question again, she said “yes”. I repeated the question for the 3rd time and she looked at me like I was an idiot and said “yes, I am!”. Asking a question 3 times and receiving the same answer is a proof that it is a guide and not an entity. Entities cannot lie 3 times in a row. Then she knew what I was thinking and added “I am a guide, not a spirit or entity. I will guide you in all your matters related to the Other World. You just need to call me in.”

It has been 4 years now and Crystal has never missed my calls. She has been of a tremendous help in taking another animals across and finding them in the other side for a chat. She is a different sort of guide, not a spiritual one like Robin, but still is.

We all have guides, whether they have a human or animal form. They serve different purposes. I have a bison who guides me and protects me during my journeys and sessions with other animals. I also have a healing guide who is an old man who helps me during deliver healing energy. And I have Crystal who takes care of me when I travel to the Other World. I trust them with my life and I know they will never hurt me or put me in a dangerous situation. When you learn animal communication with me, you will learn to discover your guides too.

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