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Desensitising Your Horse – Part 4

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Desensitising Lily to a big plastic bag

Now that you have finally accomplished desensitising your horse to the saddle pad and rope, it is time for the most difficult job. Horses have a natural fear of plastic due to the unnatural look and feel of it as well as the noises plastic bags or sheets make when you touch them.

How Horses See The World

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How horses see the world

Much same way cats can see in the dark, horses too see the world in a very different way compared to humans. This is a very important point to remember if you are a horse owner or trainer. Simply having this knowledge alone would help you to avoid many unnecessary incidents and aid you in better training and handling of your horse. Nonetheless, apart from knowing that we have differences in our sights, it is good to go a little more in depth and find out exactly how our vision differs from our horses’.

Desensitising Your Horse – Part 2

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Lily getting used to a stockwhip

An important thing that all trainers should note is that horses must constantly be kept untied, even while they are being led on and haltered. This practice ensures that your horse knows that it can always have the option of leaving if things get too scary for him. Your horse must follow you and trust you to feel safe. Although this might not happen in reality, such a psychological assurance is always good for your horse. Do not tie your horse up while introducing him to things that might frighten him.

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