Horse Bubba

Kath, Bubba and all the cats | TAS

Cass has been of incredible help to me and the cats and horses who live with me. I have asked her for assistance over the last 10 years with many different issues, and each time I have received in-depth and heartfelt messages from the ones both alive and those who have passed over. Her readings are insightful and have helped me understand their true needs and how to help them in a way they would want. The depth of her love and empathy for other animals is obvious and her readings are always compassionate and accurate as is her understanding of their
different personalities. They have also benefited from her reiki sessions after which they are always more comfortable and content. I have no hesitancy in recommending Cass and I am incredibly grateful for the amazing gift that she shares with us.

Kath, Bubba and all the cats, TAS

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