Student - Animal Communication

Jodi (Animal communication correspondence course)

Personally I have really loved the course and have well and truly got my monies worth. I also bought the 3 together which saves money. Cass is readily available and very prompt in replying to any questions I have had. Also really supportive, which I have found lovely as for me I have always felt and sensed things but not at all confident in believing it. Unlike your bigger course providers I find she has a real personal approach which is the next best thing then an in person workshop with her.

The written content is easy to follow.  Also the exercises are easy to follow.  In saying that like anything you may not get perfect at first.  But it is practice really and I have found as I have opened up and worked through the exercises it is easier.  Cass also helps with blocks that may be preventing you from communicating. I have found this really useful and I am getting clearer information , also I guess that confidence to just follow your intuition with what you are getting.  Some animals I am finding easier than others to talk to.  She marks the assignments really quickly in a couple of days with lots of helpful feedback.

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