Lisa and Pippa, Victoria Point, QLD, Australia

I was given a ringneck parrot named Noah 18 months ago which was someones unwanted birthday present. He had been neglected and was a very timid bird to the point that even looking at him would make him squawk. During the past 18 months I have made  considerable progress but he still would try and bite me at every opportunity – especially when filling his food bowls. I also had a feeling that he was in fact a she going by certain behaviours.

Cass confirmed that indeed he is a she and wanted a name change to Pippa. She asked for an orange mirror for her cage and also explained the constant hand biting. Apparently she had been scared by banging hands on her cage.

Interestingly Cass also mentioned the pink sheet I use to cover Pippa’s cage at night. Pippa said she feels secure with this covering which is good to know. Also she mentioned that Pippa is happy where she is now and she enjoys the quiet of the house.

After making the recommended changes, within days Pippa is more placid and is no longer trying to bite me when I feed her. She sits quietly while you talk to her and when I say her new name, she responds by coming to the edge of the cage.

I am looking forward to having Cass now work with both my dogs.

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