Things Not to do when using clay

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Some tips about using clay with pets, what to do and not do. Must read!!

The following is a list of tips to harvest the benefits of clay when using it with your pets:

  • Don’t use metallic utensils with clay as it will negate its therapeutic effects
  • Don’t heat up the paste or dry clay. Instead, use warm liquid to prepare the clay if you wish to have a warm paste.
  • If possible, don’t prepare the clay paste in advance as the water might get spoiled and the paste might go off
  • Avoid using tap water as it’s full of chlorine.
  • Don’t apply on top of a heating gel/balm/cream as it will activate the heat and will generate too much of it
  • Due to its amazing drawing properties, do not apply on hernias
  • If possible, don’t let the clay dry out. Replace it or remove it before it does. Clay is only effective as long as it is moist and when the paste dries up on an anima’s coat, it could be quite uncomfortable for them

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