What is animal communication?

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horseheadLilyAnimal communication is the ability to use your intuition to communicate with animals through their energetic fields.

Animals are masters at sensing their environment, including the true feelings of people. Among themselves, animals communicate not only with body language, but also through their energetic fields, and through telepathy.

We, on the other hand, mostly use sound and sight: body language and words.

Only few research have been done to show that animals use telepathy to communicate with us and among themselves. Unfortunately more research need to be conducted for the world, especially the scientific one, to accept the findings as conclusive.

And for some, it might be difficult to accept this fact. However, there are remarkable stories of animal telepathy, sense of direction and premonition recorded from all over the world. Rupert Sheldrake is a well known Biologist who has conducted many experiments on animal telepathy. His book and paper “ A Dog That Seems to Know When His Owner is Returning ” and experiments with the parot Nkisi show many cases where animals are able to sense and communicate with us telepathically.

I am sure you too have stories like Sheldrake’s experiments.

Here are some of mine.

My dog Roy the Kelpie, can sense a thunder storm coming at least 1 hour before we, humans, can hear or see it. He starts trembling and lies down very close to me. As it comes closer, he pants and his little heart races like crazy.

When my beloved horse Thunder got ill with colic one evening, my mare Lily did not leave his sight for 24 hours. She fretted each time she was unable to see him.

Many stories have been recorded where animals like dogs and birds started behaving strangely as they could sense a natural disaster coming.

As Sheldrake’s experiments have shown, many pets know when their owners are on their way home long before they arrive.

Ever wondered why a usually friendly dog would become aggressive towards a person? In general they can sense the goodness in humans, or the lack of it. They can sense whether the person is trustworthy or not.

In general, a domesticated animal who has never been abused will happily trust humans. Horses, it seems, are happy to trust but it is more like “until you prove yourself to me, I’ll meet you half way. Do the wrong thing and you’ll lose my trust.” Dogs, are more inclined to give their full trust and affection at first sight. Dogs are so loyal that many will still provide love to their abusers. Of course, they can turn around as quickly and become dangerous.

I personally don’t have any scientific explanation, but maybe we don’t have one yet. Maybe we should start accepting that if we do not see something it doesn’t mean it does not exist. Time and science have proven that many things were true although we could not see them. Round earth, DNA, microbes etc. Energy fields exist, it is a matter of being able to tap into them and open doors between worlds and inter-species.

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