Why would you ride in a Torsion treeless saddle?

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Torsion treelees saddle - Bora
Torsion treelees saddle – Bora

This is an easy one for me to answer and without giving you a sales speech, I will try to outline the benefits of riding in a Torsion treeless saddle.

When you ride treeless, it is important that your horse is comfortable. As well as this, for myself, it is important I feel secure, because these days, I really don’t want to eat the dirt!!

There are now quite few treeless saddles on the Australian market, including the cheap ones made in India.

No matter whether you buy a treeless or a treed saddle, it is primordial that the saddle is made correctly and has been tested on horses and for quality.

Not all treeless saddles are made the same even if they look alike.

The quality of the materials, the craftsmanship, the actual design and a full understanding of the horse’s biomechanics combined together will produce a saddle that is right for the horse.

Torsion saddles are very well made. The leather is supple but of high quality. When you sit on one, you have that feeling of a true treeless. They are light and mould to the horse’s body.

The advantage of the endurance base is considerable as you can change the inserts as required without the need to repack the saddle or have a different saddle for each horse.

If you have bought a second hand Torsion saddle with an endurance base, I strongly recommend you change the inserts because the saddle would have moulded to the previous horse’s back and rider.

Because Torsion saddles are made the way they are, they need their own Torsion pad. The good thing is that Torsion saddle pads also have inserts which can be changed depending on the horse’s back and the type of riding you do.

Each saddle model and pad have been thoroughly tested on many horses so you can be confident that they work well.

The Torsion girths are designed with the horse in mind with elastics on both ends of the girth, even with the Western model. Having an elastic on each side means the horse is able to breathe correctly. One elastic on only one end of a girth will create an imbalance and restrict one side from correct breathing.

As well as the great versatility these saddles offer, they are very comfortable due to the suppleness of the leather and their structure. The seat is thick enough for not feeling the stirrup attachment so you don’t need to buy extra padding, but made in a way where you can feel the horse’s movements.

Torsion has a super safe model, the Bora, which was originally designed for handicapped riders. It is truly treeless with not hard parts in it. It is like sitting in an armchair! It moulds around you without hindering your riding. The soft cantle and pommel provide great protection from slipping out of the saddle, which is really good when you have a shy horse.


4 thoughts on “Why would you ride in a Torsion treeless saddle?”

  1. I have a torsion saddle. I’m interested in getting another. My question is are all torsion saddles treeless?

  2. Karen Fowles

    Hi I currently have a Torsion Dressage saddle and have had it for 16 years. I love it and would like to know what the cost of a new one would be as mine is now very well worn. Also the cost of postage to perth western Australia, regards Karen.

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