Animal Behaviour and Communication Consultation

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 Junior and Cass

This animal behaviour and communication consultation is a combination of two very different fields: animal communication and animal behaviour. For many scientists and those scientifically minded, these two do not go together because their concepts are opposing each other. Animal communication is the ability to connect mentally or intuitively with a different species. Animal behaviour is a scientific field that studies animals’ interactions with their environment and other species, including humans.

I have an affinity with all animals and a deep desire to understand them, what they like, want and need. As I am able to use my intuition to do a lot of these, my studies in animal behaviour have widened my capabilities and views of their amazing world! And I want to share this with you to help you and your animal friends understand each other better!

Many animal behaviours may appear strange or unwanted by people. However, some behaviours are totally natural to that species, even if this creates friction with humans and the way we perceive animals should act around us. Of course, some behaviours are not normal and need to be understood to see what can be done to improve or even revert the situation. One thing is sure, is that positive reinforcement must be used as much as possible to create positive lasting memories for the animal.

How does it work

Once you have purchased your consultation, you will need to email me the following:

  • Name of the animal
  • Species/Breed
  • Gender
  • Age
  • How long has the animal been with you
  • Whether the animal is still on this Earth or has crossed over
  • Pictures where the animal is by himself and at least one close-up photo where I can see their eyes. 
  • Videos of the animal, especially if they were filmed when misbehaving
  • What you want me to work on: the questions you might have, the problems etc. Although it might be tempting not to disclose everything to see if I will be able to pick the issues up, it is best to let me know the full picture because I will target the session based on the problems.

I need 4 to 5 business days to gather the findings and get back to you via email.


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