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Chickens are like people

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This article is from “Chickens. They’re human. Well, almost. At the very least they deserve to be treated humanely.” 

It is based on a recent article by Carolynn “K-lynn” L. Smith, a research fellow at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, and Sarah L. Zielinski, a freelance science writer in Washington, D.C. 

Smith and Zielinski state that  “mounting evidence indicates that the common chicken is much smarter than it has been given credit for. The birds are cunning, devious and capable of empathy. And they have sophisticated communication skills. That chickens are so brainy hints that such intelligence is more common in the animal kingdom than once thought. This emerging picture of the chicken mind also has ethical implications for how society treats farmed birds.”

According to the authors, hens are able to remember which rooster has done what in the past and can turn their back to those that are mean and deceptive. They are also able to find different escape routes depending on the danger, they have personalities and each of them is an individual with its own likes and dislikes, its friends and enemies, it’s own routine and family. Just like us.

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Producing High Quality Chicken Eggs

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Chicken eggs

A major focal point of people who rear chickens has constantly been the quality of eggs produced. Much research has gone in to this particular area and the industry is continuously discovering new ways and means by which egg quality can be improved. Despite the seemingly complex sounding nature of this particular field, producing high quality chicken eggs can actually be broken down into rather simple terms.

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Feeding Chickens

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Feeding chickens is easy

A main concern many newbie chicken owners have is about what to feed their chickens. Issues concerning the quantity, feeding times, the heating of feeds and even nourishment of mixtures often cause them major worries. In truth, chickens are really easy to rear and do not require near as much time and effort as you would initially assume. Chickens have been around for the longest time now and have incredible survival instincts. Only the most basic level of care is needed to ensure that your chickens grow up nice and healthy.

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