Acting out?

Is your dog really acting out?
Is your horse really playing up?
Can you create a bond with your horse?
Do you understand your cat’s personality?
Those are questions and issues all animal parents face up. I can help you get some answers!

Hi, I am Cassie

I am an animal lover who specialises in animal behaviour and communication

I have studied animal behaviour and nutrition at the Masters level. With this knowledge combined with my animal communication skills, I can help you and your animal friend understand each other. I work with all domestic animals, not only horses, and I don’t need to visit you, which makes it convenient for you and your animal friend.


Animal Communication & Reiki

Animal communication is the ability to “tune” in mentally with an animal. Reiki is a Japanese technique that uses one’s life force to calm anxiety and promote healing. I am fortunate to be able to apply these methods to connect with animals.


Equine Nutrition

Horses are sensitive to what they eat and it can affect them physically and mentally. I can help you formulate a feed program for your horse that will give him the nutrients he needs based on his activity.

Cassie and Thunder

Animal Behaviour

I’ve always been fascinated with how and why animals behave a certain way. This is a wonderful field of animal science that looks into areas to understand animals’ reactions to their environment and how their interactions with humans affect them.


Health & Welfare

The behaviour of animals can be seriously affected by their health and welfare. I can help you understand and improve your animal friend’s health and welfare

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