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Animal Communication Online Course

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With my animal communication online course, you will be able to learn Animal Communication via distance at home! A comprehensive course in the foundation of intuitive animal communication where you will learn all the techniques you will ever need to communicate with animals. I have designed this course based on my years of experience in Animal Communication with a variety of animals. This course is divided into 3 parts or modules which help you build your skills in communicating with animals in a progressive and logical manner. The course is full of exercises but is also fun!


At the end of the course, you will have learnt the following:

  • the techniques to enter a meditative state in order to focus your attention on a specific animal and converse with him
  • the techniques to practice distance and in-person animal communication
  • practical knowledge in communicating with animals and you will be able to conduct animal communication sessions on your own
  • to understand how animals converse with us and how to receive and send information

You will have gained understanding and skills in the following areas:

  • Grounding
  • Focused attention
  • Intention
  • Meditation
  • Visualisation
  • Intuition
  • Sensing animals
  • Chakras and channels of energy
  • Power animals
  • Animal telepathy
  • Formulate adequate questions

Course description

In part 1 of the course, you will learn the techniques to attain a state where you can connect telepathically with animals. You will create your special place, find your power animal and learn how to be in the now and centred. This is the foundation of animal communication and it will provide you with the tools to conduct animal communication sessions.

PART 1, table of content: training-AC-Online-Part1-TOC[1]

In part 2 of the course, you will learn to connect with animals using your senses and feelings, to overcome your roadblocks, to send and receive information, to validate your findings and to conduct sessions in person and via distance.

PART 2, table of content: training-AC-Online-Part2-TOC[1]

In part 3 of the course, you will learn how to discover an animal’s life path, what messages your animal friends have for you and you will connect with an entire species.

PART 3, table of content: training-AC-Online-Part3-TOC[1]


There is 1 assignment for each part of the course, which include multiple case studies to complete. The assignments are designed in a way that you will gain experience in conducting animal communication sessions and build your confidence in hearing the animals. I advise you to do and submit the assignments at the end of each part and not to wait until you have read all modules and done all exercises. To receive your certificate, you must submit all assignments and be marked as competent. In the event where you have received a “Not yet competent” mark, you can resubmit your answers at a later stage. The aim of the assessments is to show that you are competent in conducting animal communication sessions.

At The End Of The Course

Once you have successfully completed all 3 assignments, I will mail you a certificate suitable for framing.

Time frame to complete the course

The suggested time frame to complete the course is as follows:

  • Read and practice exercises/per part: 2 weeks
  • Assignments/per part: 2 weeks
  • Making the total to about 12 weeks.

However, this estimation will vary depending on your current level of known techniques in meditation, whether you are already practicing animal communication and the time you can dedicate to the course. There are no limits on how long it should take.


When training with me, you receive unlimited free support via email. I also encourage students to stay in touch with me, ask questions and seek help when needed. I also offer one-on-one tutoring via Skype

The download of the course material

Once your purchase has been completed and confirmed, then you will receive an email containing the links to the files. Please check your Junk/Spam folder if you have not received the email. You also get free music files to help you during your meditations as well as a Shamanic drumming to find your power animal(s). If you have any problems downloading the files or have not received the email, please email me.

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