Clay and Animals

French Clay is a 100% natural ingredient straight from Mother Earth loaded with minerals. It provides excellent therapeutic actions, including antibacterial properties. It is an ideal product for your pets, including cats, dogs and horses.

Benefits of using clay with horses

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Dry earth

I am a fan of green clay because it has consistently proven its efficiency and healing powers for many ailments horses and other animals are prone to, making it a gift from nature. There are several types of clay, kaolinite, smectite or bentonite, all with similar and often complementary properties, however, the Montmorillonite green clay is by far the most efficient when it comes to treating common afflictions in animals.

Each type of clay has its specific benefits and varies in colour, but they all have a complex structure made out of crystals. These crystals form multiple layers that sit on top of each other and resemble a stack of filo pastry. Between each layer, we find ionic compounds that react differently depending on the type of clay, giving it its specific properties. The chemistry of clay is complex and beyond the subject of this article. read more

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Evaluation of the antiseptic and healing properties of green clay on horses with open septic wounds

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Applying clay to a hoof

Compared with other studies reviewed, green clay shows potent adherent properties which yield excellent results on wounds that are severe and difficult to heal, while many conventional antiseptic products fail to adhere to the skin and are drained away by biological secretions without any healing effect, resulting in persistent infection.

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Healing Clay – Animal Cases

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Roy-wound-15-04-11I have experienced the benefits of clay over the years and I would like to share some cases where I had excellent results healing horses and dogs.

The only clay I use for healing is the French green clay Argiletz. It has been recognised scientifically for having fantastic healing properties and it is also a very clean clay, extremely high in many minerals.

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