September 2010

Understand The Dog’s Vision

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Dogs' vision is different than ours

We often assume that everyone else sees things the way we do. However, simple differences in perceptions, mindsets and emotions can cause people to see things from entirely different ways. Now imagine a world through the eyes of your pet dog. The vast difference in height, senses and thought processes would make them see things vastly differently from us, wouldn’t it?

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Tips For Building A Chicken Coop

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If you are planning to keep your own chickens in the yard or garden, you’ll need to get your egg-producing pets a nice home to protect them the elements. A chicken coop is exactly what you need to do so and learning how to build an effective and well placed coop can go a long way in keeping your chickens healthy and happy.

Just what exactly gives a good chicken coop? Many believe that cost is the main factor but that is not necessarily the case. You don’t need to shell out $300 like some others do. In fact, the cost of building one can actually be a lot cheaper if you know how to make use of spare material in your house. What really matters is knowing the right factors that make for a good chicken coop and this article was written to help you understand these factors. read more

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