October 2009

2009 – October

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Welcome to October Newsletter

Dear Cass,
Another month passed and we are getting closer to summer here in Australia. The ponies have shed their winter woollies and our smaller furry friends are moulting all over the house! This means it is a good time to bath everybody and to get those grooming brushes out!

Animals like being groomed and will enjoy some nice, soft brushing as they also understand it is helpful to them.

SPEAK for Animals

Announcing the new SPEAK For Animals website!


Launched on 4th October 2009, this new website takes the place of a much smaller webpage that originally began as an online networking experiment back in June 2005. The SPEAK moniker was adopted as the acronym for “Spiritual People Embracing Animals with Kindness“, and the project has become a global effort as an ever increasing number of groups and associations add their name to the “SPEAK list”. Having such a large amount of space now available to us, this site will also host the webpages of several smaller and more localised projects, which is very exciting. The possibilities are endless… A big thank you goes to Cass at Horse Whispers for sponsoring our new home on the web, and helping us to promote a better world for all creatures.

Animal Communication:

Animal Communication Foundation Workshop

First of all, I would like to thank and congratulate all the students who attended my workshop on 26/09/09. What a terrific day we had! Every one was able to communicate with our animal friends and some felt some powerful experiences!

View the pictures and check the feedback from the students

Next Animal Communication Foundation Workshop

After popular demand, I will be running another workshop on the 19th of December.

More details will come soon, so stay tuned!

If you are interested please email me as soon as possible. The places are limited.

I am still looking for a room to hire at a reasonable price for the day, so if you know of one, please email me! It must be on the south side of Brisbane (within 20mns of Tanah Merah).

Lily’s Diary

My beautiful Lily was one of the subjects of the workshop in regards to getting her a new saddle. Well, although we (Lily and I) had decided to get one made, it seems that after all, we are getting a Freeform EnduroX treeless. After whispering to my ear that I should look at the girth, I have changed her girth on the current saddle and we’ve had the best ride ever! We rode as One! A very powerful experience! But now we will wait for the new saddle to arrive.

On the scene of the tricks, we are nearly to the stage were I can put a blue tarp all over her. I’ve got it up to her ears and maybe one eye covered. Those tidbits work so well!! Then a friend of mine, Sandy, visited us few days ago. Sandy managed to get the tarp pass her head!

I always explain to her what we are about to do. When I first started with the tarp, I laid it on the ground and told her we will be walking on it. It was just fine and safe to do so. It took a couple of goes but she walked all over it without fretting.

When I put the tarp on her, I explained that it was ok and safe. I even showed her it was safe by covering myself with it first. All this was done without her halter on, so she decided it was a good place to stay, no matter what. While talking to her, I rubbed the tarp all over her, slowly bringing it closer to her head. And the tidbits were a good reward.

Sandy’s tip: fold the tarp few times so it is not as big and bulky and easier to pass the head. Thanks Sandy!


When it is time to say good bye

It is very difficult and devastating to have to say good bye to our animal friends. Unfortunately, life would not exist without it. It is even harder when you have to make the harsh decision to call upon a veterinarian to help with the process.

Read more…

Horsing around:

Feeding your horse on the cheap

In this time of financial crisis (I still believe it is a crisis, no matter what our Australian politicians are saying!), it might be difficult to feed your horse. However, I also believe that there are enough cheap alternative not to let a horse starve.

Read more….


First Aid Kit – Part 3

Calendula Oil and Tincture

Calendula (Marigold) can be infused or made into a tincture to be applied externally on wounds, cuts, eczema, minor skin inflammation and acne.

The infused oil is has powerful skin-healing properties and can be used neat or mixed with clay and applied on wounds. The healing is fairly fast and one must ensure the wound is free of any foreign matters. It can be used on cracked skin and is a welcome natural alternative for mastitis.

The tincture is a powerful antiseptic and can be mixed with cooled boiled water to form an efficient cleansing agent to use on cuts and wounds.

Properties of Calendula: antiseptic, astringent, anti-inflammatory

A must in your 1st aid kit!

Doggy Stuff

Classic Canine Cookies

See the recipe online


Until next month, take all care! Please kiss your pets for me!
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Animal Communication Foundation Workshop
WHEN: 19/12/2009
WHERE: TBA – south of Brisbane
Time: 9.00am – 5pm
Prerequisite: none
Class format: face-to-face
Investment: TBA (depends on the cost of hiring a room but it would be between $130-$150)
Email me to register your interest
Places are limited
Read the curriculum

New forum!

I am very proud to announce the opening of Horse Whispers’ forum. This forum is dedicated to animal communication and natural therapies for our animal friends as well as the students of my animal communication courses.

You can post pictures of your animal friends and ask to get a small reading by the students, or simply share your amazing animal stories.

Forum link

Coming Soon!

A correspondence course in Animal Communication Foundation.

A new shop section on the sitewith NEW natural products and NEW price structure for my services. It will be easier to use!

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2009 – October Read More »

Animal Communication Foundation Workshop Sept 2009

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The first workshop in Brisbane!

We had 10 wonderful people and the day was simply amazing!

Everyone was able to talk with animals. It was an intense journey in the discovery of one-self and the wonderful world of animals and their deep feelings.

The highlights of the day were probably the student’s discovery of their power animal and the messages received from the species and their own animals. It was a profound experience with unexpected animal guides for some and some wonderful, deep messages from various species. read more

Animal Communication Foundation Workshop Sept 2009 Read More »

When it is time to say good bye

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It is very difficult and devastating to have to say good bye to our animal friends. Unfortunately, life would not exist without it. It is even harder when you have to make the harsh decision to call upon a veterinarian to help with the process. Animal communication cannot change that process but can certainly help humans and animals to go through this difficult time.

When it is time to say good bye Read More »

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