December 2010

Fight Against Animal Cruelty

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Stop the slaughtering of baby seals

Animals are a wonderful part of our natural world and deserve every ounce of love and respect we can shower them with. Unfortunately, many people out there also subject these wonderful creatures to various inhumane acts for the sake of their own benefits. These hapless animals are unable to fight back or even voice out their fear and distress so we must take a stand and campaign against cruelty to animals.

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2010 – October and November

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Welcome to October & November 2010 newsletter!

Dear subscriber,
the end of the year is approaching fast and it is the 1st day of summer here in Australia!
The flies have arrived so make sure you dust out the fly masks to protect your horses’ eyes. However, remember that you should always remove fly masks at night because horses can’t see properly with them and they may injured themselves. A bit like you and I wearing dark sunglasses at night!

Something Big is coming to Australia!

I am pleased to announce that next year, we will be able to access another brand of treeless saddles: The TORSION® treeless  saddles are coming to Australia!
I haven’t got pictures of them yet but you can view some of the range there:

If you are interested in knowing more about them, please feel free to contact me.

Animal Communication

Coincidence or Not?

Do you, like me, wonder why certain things happen or why you meet certain people or decide to adopt this particular animal friend? Are they coincidences? I don’t think so. I believe that whatever happens in your life happens for a reason. Sometimes, the reason is too obscure for us to see at the time but we eventually understand it. Read more…

Horse Care

I have sourced an interesting e-book that you might like: “First Aid hints For The Horse Owner – A Veterinary Note Book“.
Although not new (1934), it is quite comprehensive and has some good treatments that are easy to apply. It has good illustrations and a good section on lameness.
I think it is worth having.
Note: I think I should mention that there is a brief section on how to euthanise a horse. At first, I got upset about it. However, after reading it, I understood that the author wanted to explain a humane way of doing it when no one else is available and the horse is hurt and suffering. These days, you would call a vet.
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Cat Care

The Cruelty of Claw Removal

One of the most important parts of a cat is its claws. Their claws are used for a variety of tasks which include balancing and climbing. Apart from that, cats also use their claws to stretch, walk and run. Furthermore, the claws on a cat are its most basic form of defence and very important to it. Read more..

Until next month, take all care! Please kiss your pets for me!

Horse Whispers
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Learn Animal Communication
There are now few cheap courses available on the Internet so why would you spend so much money on my course?
Honestly, you don’t have to. But the difference lies in the support and the quality. My course is designed to give you necessary feedback and validation on your findings during a session of animal communication. You also have access to my full, personalised support all along.
The course is tailored to give you a profound experience and at the end, you will have learned all the techniques to communicate with animals.
There is a difference between reading a book and practicing what you have learned and being able to know your progress. This is what this course gives you.

On special at the moment:
Animal Communication Foundation correspondence course

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