How to conduct a Reiki session with horses

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Cass, animal communicatorHorses are highly receptive to Reiki or any other hands on energy healing, more so than any other animals I have worked with. As such, a Reiki session with a horse can be very rewarding for you and the animal!

Some people do not know how to conduct a session with a horse so I hope this article will help and will give them the desire to find a pony to practice on!


It is wise to have a place where the horse and you will feel comfortable. Preferably, it will be a quite place where there will have the least distraction for you and the horse. Avoid areas where people come and go, stare at you and the horse, talk loudly, where other horses can come too close or call out your patient.

It is also a good idea that you do not conduct your session at feeding time as your patient will not be cooperative!

Other annoying things that impact on the horse’s attention are flies and other biting insects! The horse will be fidgety and will focus on them instead of you.

Starting the session

lily turning her headThe first thing to do is to introduce yourself to the horse, even if you know him already.

Approach him slowly at shoulder level and tell him who you are and why you came. At this point, it is important that you are entirely focused on the horse. Now, the next most important step is that you state your intention clearly and that you have no other bias or agenda as the horse will know. Oh yes my friend! Horses are the guardians of Truth! Be true to yourself or you will be exposed! Wait for an answer.

If you do not know how to communicate intuitively, look for a physical clue such as the horse turning his head towards you, pointing an ear in your direction, looking at you with one eye or licking his lips for example.

If you don’t see any response, just come closer and start stroking his shoulder with all the love you can give him. Please mean it as he will sense it! At this point, you will see an answer. It could even be that the horse suddenly relaxes by putting his head down or looking sleepy.

If, for any reason, the horse seems angry or aggressive, just back up and stands still at about 1 metre or so. Keep talking to him and let the love from your heart travel to him. Reiterate your intention and focus.

Sometimes, one needs to be patient and take this very important process very slowly. Some horses are not prepared to trust a newcomer and you will need to prove him that you are trustworthy. You will need to prove yourself to the horse, and not the other way around! If you reach this point, you will feel very little and humble as this majestic creature can see through you and your intimate feelings as if you were telling him about yourself. You will feel scrutinised but somehow, will want to go further.

Think of LOVE! Love this horse as if he was the last of his species, as if he was the only creature who could save you! Eventually you will be able to continue with your session and he will be focused on you.

Conducting the session

chokurei_byhandOnce you have established that invisible link between yourself and the horse, and then start your session as you would normally. Based on your level of Reiki, do whatever you usually do like calling the Reiki symbols, inviting your guides, or preparing yourself mentally to draw Reiki in.

I personally always ask the Angels and my Guides to be with me and to allow me to be the medium of the Divine healing light. If you are familiar with Shamanism, you can ask for Horse medicine and your power animal(s) to be with you.

I’m a true believer of adapting and mixing spirituality to reach the best climax. Of course, use whatever works for you and whatever you are comfortable with! This is perfectly OK!

If the horse has allowed you to touch him, you can then start with your hands as follows:

  • I like to have my left hand at the base of the chest and my right hand at the withers. These 2 positions represent the Heart Chakra (or close to). They are the points for emotional issues, feelings, shock etc.
  • Or my right hand on the withers and my left just at the crease of the shoulder and the base of the neck. This is another Chakra Margrit Coates discovered. The shoulder point represents the entire body well-being.

By starting at the Heart Chakra instead of the root one, you are reinforcing the connection with the horse. By doing so, you will also discover straight away the horse’s issues and most likely, they will relate to this Chakra.

If the horse does not want you to touch him, then stand away and direct your energy towards him.

When working with horses, just listen to your heart and whatever comes to your mind as they will tell you how to do it.

Horses are highly receptive to Reiki or any other hands on energy healing, more so than any other animals I have worked with.

They feel the energy coming from your hands very strongly, therefore you might not be able to actually touch the horse or leave your hands on the horse too long. In fact, they can feel it so strongly that it may make them uncomfortable. Your hands must be light as feathers and sometimes you might only be able to touch the horse with the tip of your fingers or have to stay about 1 or 2 cm away from the skin. The horse will tell you if he doesn’t like it as he will try to nibble your hand or move away from you.

You should not move your hands too quickly from one spot to another. When moving to another point, always keep at least one hand or finger in contact with the horse so not to break the electromagnetic field.

The horse’s Chakras

After the first points at the start, I usually move towards the base of the tail as this is where the root Chakra is located. I then work my way up along the spine with the right hand while the left hand is located on different points on the side and under the belly to match the Chakras:

  • 1st Chakra, Root: base of tail
  • 2nd Chakra, Naval or sacral: croup
  • 3rd Chakra, Solar: approximately after the hips and before the middle of the back and under the belly where the naval cord was at birth
  • 4th Chakra, Heart: around the withers and at the chest, near between the front legs. Can also be reached by putting your hand where the girth goes and close to the leg
  • 5th Chakra, Throat: throat under the jaw
  • 6th Chakra, Brow or 3rd eye: forehead between the eyes
  • 7th Chakra, Crown: between the ears
  • 8th Chakra as per Margrit Coates: shoulder

Although we start at the Heart Chakra, I recommend that you then move to the root one and go up your way. This way, you will also raise their Kundalini or Life Force or Prana which will act positively on the Chakras. You should never start at the top and go down. This can send the entire system out of balance.

Spend as much time on each Chakra as you feel it is necessary. Repeat the process if you feel the horse needs it. However, feel with your heart and not your head. The horse will tell you when how long you need to work on him for and he will do it through your heart.

The 6th and 7th Chakras

These 2 Chakras are connected to high levels of energy. In humans, this is our 3rd eye and the crown represents Nirvana or our ability to connect with God and All There Is. Some horses will not let you work on these 2 Chakras, no matter what. I believe that sometimes, we are not prepared to “see” or discover what they know. However, those who allow you to are likely to show you images beyond this life. This is where you can find out their past lives and their connection to what I call The Collective Blueprint. (I will write an article on this subject soon)

Unfortunately, not all of them have lived in previous life and not all of them will show you something amazing! But be prepared in case they do!

Finishing the session

When you judge it is time to finish the session, positioned your hands where you started, at the withers and chest.

There, it is time to thank the horse for letting you work on him. Tell him your love again.

Finish the session as you would any regular Reiki session.

Spend a little bit of time with your patient. Observe his body, his expressions and take note of how he is and feels.

Before you go, thank him again.

This is as simple as this! If you are not confident, practice on your horses or horses’ friends first.

Everything is in your ability to focus and your intention. It is highly rewarding!

Have fun!

4 thoughts on “How to conduct a Reiki session with horses”

  1. Thankyou so much for your inspiration I am performing my first reiki healing on my friends horse and I have been lacking confidence in myself as to weather I can do it. Bit after reading this I feel a lot more confident in doing it! So thanks again so much.

    1. Hi Sharon, I’m very pleased my article is helping you build up your confidence. The best way to get there is to practice as much as you can! Animals love Reiki because it makes them feel better and more at peace. Be proud: you can offer that to them 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for the honest help and guidance, I am working with my first horse tonight, and you have given me the confidence I was lacking, thank you again!

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