The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey – Book Review by Carol M. Upton

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This is a stunningly-illustrated true story about the world of Zoey, a high-spirited female Bengal cat, and Zee, a loveable male Maine Coon. While Zee and Zoey are the charismatic stars of the book, Barnes introduces readers to an evolving cast of humorous and enigmatic feline characters.  

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Cats Are Intelligent

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A common interpretation of the word “Intelligence” sees it as the ability to acquire and remember information and then use that knowledge to aid in solving different problems. Going by that definition alone, cats definitely can be considered intelligent and might be one of the smartest animals among those usually around us.

If you ever put a cat into a room it has never been in before, you should see it start to explore and inspect every corner of it within the first few minutes. This detailed search gives the cat invaluable information that it will acquire and remember about the things in that room. Very often, it is this very knowledge that ends up saving the cat from harm. This behaviour might have given rise to the saying “curiosity killed the cat” but most likely resulted in cats being rumoured to have 9 lives instead. read more

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Cat Flu

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Cats and humans are similar in more ways than most people think. One of the ways cats and humans are alike is in the way that they both can get affected by illnesses and medical conditions. Just like a human being, cats too can suffer from the common flu. However, you might not be as easily aware of it as when a human catches the flu. If you suspect that your pet cat has been infected by the flu virus, it would be best advised to send it to an experienced vet to get it checked.

Flu in cats is caused by an upper respiratory infection and can affect cats of any age but younger or aged cats are more susceptible to the illness. As a pet owner, it would do you a world of good to recognise some of the symptoms a cat that is having flu might have. This can help you to detect the problem earlier and get your beloved pet sent for treatment. read more

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