When it is time to say good bye

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It is very difficult and devastating to have to say good bye to our animal friends. Unfortunately, life would not exist without it. It is even harder when you have to make the harsh decision to call upon a veterinarian to help with the process.

Animal communication cannot change that process but can certainly help humans and animals to go through this difficult time.

First of all, it can help you find out whether your animal friend is ready to go; whether it is time. Forcing an animal to go when they are not ready can be extremely distressful to them. On the other hand, keeping an animal going when he should be let to cross over, can be very painful for them.

GemmaTo illustrate my point, I would like to share the beautiful story of Gemma, a 16 year old cattle dog bitch. When her people contacted me a couple of months ago, Gemma was already very ill and her human family wanted to know what to do to make Gemma’s life easier, if she understood the euthanasia process and whether it was time to go.

My first session with Gemma was a very funny one in a sense. Gemma was a tough old girl! So tough that although she knew she was close, she believed it wasn’t time yet. During the entire session, Gemma was lying down and did not get up. I didn’t really took notice but she said to me that as long as she didn’t poop or peed herself (her words!), she was happy to stay a little bit longer. She said that she knew she had to go but she was decided to beat it a little more! She joked a lot about life and about her people who she loved dearly, and the other animals like the cat she liked, the dog she called “a little mongrel!” and the pony she loved to annoy. She was quite annoyed with her body and told me “Look at me! Pretty useless!’ and laughed, but I did not pickup any pain. When I explained to her how the euthanasia worked, she was satisfied with the process. She was quite happy to know that she would fall asleep to be taken to The Other Land. I also knew Gemma was close to leaving this world because my horse friend Crystal from the Upper World was there, poking her head during the session and nodding. Crystal agreed to meet Gemma when she crossed over. It comforted Gemma to know she wouldn’t be walking there by herself.

When I reported my findings to Gemma’s primary carer, she understood straight away what Gemma meant by not pooping and peeing herself. Gemma had suffered some degree of paralysis and had not much control over her bowel movements so her carer was ensuring she went to the toilet regularly and kept her clean. I didn’t know this at this stage. Her carer reported that within 24 hours of the session, Gemma had picked up tremendously and was so happy. I explained to her carer that she will know in her heart when it will be time to call the vet as Gemma will truly be ready.

Gemma left us 3 weeks later. The passing was made via euthanasia at the end of the day and her special people were present with her all the time. They had felt it in their hearts and in Gemma’s eyes that it was time to go.

Soon after, I contacted Gemma to see how she was and how she felt. She was very happy but missed her life in this world. She knew she would come back one day. She was very proud of her body because everything was in working order again as she said! She was thankful to her people to let her stay a bit longer but to also let her go when it was time. As promised, Crystal was there to welcome her and she felt that it helped her a lot. Gemma’s human family also confided that the sessions helped make the transition smoother and less painful for them.

Rest in peace beautiful Gemma! I know you will never be forgotten. You have touched my heart profoundly

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