Animal Communication Foundation Workshop Sept 2009

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The first workshop in Brisbane!

We had 10 wonderful people and the day was simply amazing!

Everyone was able to talk with animals. It was an intense journey in the discovery of one-self and the wonderful world of animals and their deep feelings.

The highlights of the day were probably the student’s discovery of their power animal and the messages received from the species and their own animals. It was a profound experience with unexpected animal guides for some and some wonderful, deep messages from various species.

One student even rekindled with the spirit of a horse who had played an important role in her life, many, many years ago.

Another one was sceptical and did not believe she would be able to hear or talk to animals. I told her that I hoped she will be converted by the end of the day.. and she was!

Here are some feedback:

“Just a note to say thank you for a truly wonderful day. The experience has opened a huge door for me and my animals and when I got home yesterday I felt they were getting a “new” person to look after them. My heart feels so open to them now..What a very special group of women and I treasure the experience. Thank you so much.” – Joyce

“Thank you for your workshop. I cannot stop thinking about all that happened! You are phenomenal I feel so blessed to have met you 🙂 Thank you for everything. It was absolutely amazing!” – Laura

“Hi Cass just wanted to say Congratulations for your first animal communication workshop on Saturday, I had a great time and it was so nice to dedicate a whole day to doing and being in that world. Driving home I realized how much I have missed the quieter side of life and just how easily your life can become filed with noise and unimportant chaos.” – Chris

“Cass, the workshop was amazing, it was so great to meet other people who love animals and want to help create better relationships with our animal friends.” – Sass

“Thank you Cass for making this possible, I had a wonderful day. It was interesting, moving and emotional” – Sandy

“Will continue to learn for sure! This isjust a start” – Donna

“I found the course very interesting and powerful” – Sarah

“I loved your workshop! I feel I will be able to communicate and understand animals on a higher level. Thank you so much!” – Lesley





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