Little pony

Jess, Ricard Stud, Childers, QLD, Australia

As a breeder and Trainer I have always believed that a good relationship with your local vet, feed store and Bowen therapist was so important to keeping our ponies in the best possible condition for both the show ring and pleasure. Until I met Cass. Cass has dealt with a few of my horses and ponies now and I could not be happier with the out come. I feel that she is the missing link in the chain and is always there to answer all my questions. Cass has never seen my horses and ponies before , only the photos I have sent her and she knows more about them than I could ever have imagined. I love how professional she is and explains every thing to me in such great detail. Thank u Cass for your dedicated service.”

Ricard Stud, Childers, QLD, Australia

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