2010 July and August

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Welcome to July & August 2010 newsletter!

Well, I have been very busy! I apologise for not doing this newsletter earlier.
I have created a blog!! It is all about pets, big and small!
There are articles about goats, chickens, dogs, cats and of course horses.
Please join me there , learn about pet health, and post your comments.

Animal Communication

Can Dogs Communicate With Us?
Are dogs able to communicate with humans? Yes, of course and they do not use spoken words as we know. It’s strange how much we seem to take communication with our dogs for granted.

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Animal Communication Meets Natural Horsemanship
Some horse carers have an incredibly close connection to their horses that it seems almost telepathic. Their horses are able to respond so well to their cues that it seems like the horses are reading their minds. This phenomenon is actually common among horses themselves. They have no voice to communicate with each other, but can communicate effectively anyway. Using animal communication is using telepathy to communicate with the horse.

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Horse Care

First Aid Kit for Horses
When you own a horse, you may spend a lot on tack, feed, supplements and riding apparel. However, there is one supply that may save your horse but horse owners tend to forget about: a first aid pack.

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Until next month, take all care! Please kiss your pets for me!

Horse Whispers
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Learn Animal Communication
There are now few cheap courses available on the Internet so why would you spend so much money on my course?
Honestly, you don’t have to. But the difference lies in the support and the quality. My course is designed to give you necessary feedback and validation on your findings during a session of animal communication. You also have access to my full, personalised support all along.
The course is tailored to give you a profound experience and at the end, you will have learned all the techniques to communicate with animals.
There is a difference between reading a book and practicing what you have learned and being able to know your progress. This is what this course gives you.

On special at the moment:
Animal Communication Foundation correspondence course

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