Where To Find Information On Aromatherapy For Cats

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Fish lickingWhen a person has a cat they know that they own the house. However, a cat owner will want to give their cat the best quality of life possible. That may include taking them to the vet, groomer, bathing them etc. It may also include using aromatherapy for cats. The problem one can run into though is that aromatherapy is not recommended on cats.

Essential oils, like most organic substances, are composed of what is called chemotypes. Chemotypes are the chemical components of essential oils. Cats are unable to process the chemotypes of essential oils through their liver like humans, dogs, horses etc. In fact, using essential oils on cats can be fatal.

So does it mean you cannot use aromatherapy on your cat? Well, yes, you can! You will need to use floral waters instead. Floral waters,also called linen waters, are residual liquids from the distillation of the flowers and plant material used to make essential oils. They are so mild that they can be used on babies. There is enough plant material left in the floral water to still benefit from the medicinal properties of the essential oils.

If your cat is nervous or gets too excited, you can make a spray bottle with Lavender floral water and spray it on his coat or bedding. Rosemary floral water is good for the coat. Tea Tree, Cajeput and Niaouli  floral waters can be used to deter fleas.

When bathing your cat, pour some floral water in his bath. Bergamot floral water can help lift his mood. A happy cat makes a happy household!

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