Beat Loneliness with the company of your pet

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puppy loveAs a child, we’ve always had pets. I received my first dog at my 6th birthday and since then, I have not spent one year of my life without a pet, small or big. I would not be able not to have a pet!

A pet becomes a friend and is always there for you, no matter what.

Whether you have had a hard day at work, or an argument with your spouse, or you lost all your money, your faithful dog will always greet you with a smile and a wagging tail!

And yes, you can tell him your miserable stories, he will listen to you. A dog will muzzle you when you cry, will give you a lick when you are down and will stay near by when you are sick.roy the kelpie

The love of animals begins at a young age and parents should encourage their children to become animal lovers because this will mean never to be alone, to always have a friend, to be comforted when sad, to be happy and needed, to learn responsibility and, last but not least, to love. That’s what an animal friend teaches a child: the most valuable lesson of all.

Some may say that there is no point talking to your pet as they don’t understand. This is totally wrong. Animals do understand us.. in their own ways. They feel our pain, our joy, our illnesses and our love. Fair enough, they do not talk to us with words, they are not humans. But it does not mean they don’t talk to us.

The concept of telepathy and unspoken conversation are still considered Hoccus Poccus. So is the concept of inter-species communication. Some still believe that animal are inferior species and therefore incapable of feelings and intelligence.
Any animal lover who spends time with teir pets, know, somehow, that they understand us and some how, they talk to us. And most of all, they love us.

Whichever way your pet decides to talk to you, you know your pet loves you. You can see it in your dog’s loving eyes and his happiness each time he sees you.

boy and puppyDo you feel lonely when you have such friend? Do you know that pets are considered an excellent therapy for very ill people and elderly ones? Dogs, cats and other fluffy pets are commonly used in hospitals and retirement homes to cheer up patients. There are cases of recovery and extended life expectancy where people have benefited of the presence of pets. Pet assisted therapy has proven highly successful in prison programs. Inmates exposed to pets have shown tremendous behaviour and social skills improvements as well as being able to learn new skills in regards to animal management.
Prisoners have been able to find their inner feelings and feel they had a purpose by caring for an animals. Such little things can turn a person’s life around. Pets have helped (and continue to do so) many inmates to rehabilitate themselves.

A true pet lover knows that a pet is not an object and cannot be left in the garage without care. Pets solely rely on us for their basic needs and care. And a pet living in an hostile environment or with owners who do not care and love him, will show behavioural problems, even depression. Some animals need a purpose in life, like a working dog or a horse who needs a challenge. Some crave their owners’ attention and love. An animal who is depraved of his particular, individual needs will become difficult, anxious, aggressive or withdrawn.

A dedicated pet owner, will pay attention to their pet’s needs and will know, somehow, there is something lacking. They will feel it or maybe have some ideas or thoughts popping in their heads… just like that… maybe their pet is talking to them?

Do not discard these “strange” thoughts or feelings or images. Ask your pet if they are coming from him. You might hear an answer! you might even be able to hold a conversation.girl and puppy

Just a little thought: few centuries ago, the idea of having wireless technology would have been hailed as heretic. If we had dismissed things we could not see as being devilish or demented, we would not know DNA, the speed of the light and sound, and the list goes on.

Our pets are our best companions, not only because of they devotions and love, but also because they are our teachers. They teach us responsibility, love, generosity, contentment, joy and happiness, They show us we are not alone. Solitude is not a state we need to be in when we have our loving pet around.

And if you ever feel lonely or down, look into your pet’s eyes and FEEL his love for you!

At the age of 16, I lost my boyfriend of 4 years in a motorbike accident. He was with me for lunch and he was gone forever at night.
The loss of a loved one is an horrible experience and a hard one to overcome. I was quickly overwhelmed by feelings of emptiness and solitude that did not seem to disappear.. ever! I was rapidly spiraling downward into a dangerous state of mind. Luckily for me, I had a horse, a lovely pony named Shadow. I can now say that Shadow saved my life. I will never forget the long days I spent with him, riding, brushing him and talking to him. He was my shoulder to cry on and my best mate. He carried me during my ordeal, he cheered me up and kept me occupied for hours on and years on.

I will forever be thankful and cherish him in my heart as I can now share with you what I have learnt from the animals.

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