Does my horse love me?

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Loving relationship between Thunder and CassThis is a question I am often asked to put forward during an Animal Communication session.

In my experience, the answer is yes and no.

“No” because horses do not love humans the way we understand love and “Yes” because they like us, or quite often their owner(s), in their own unique way.

But their way of liking us is some how different to ours. They appreciate us and some horses sincerely look forward to seeing us. Some, I have to admit, enjoy our visit because it means being fed. The exception to this is the Humanised Horse.

So how do they appreciate us and like (or love) us? When I conduct a session, I know if the horse likes their owners because I receive many images of the persons and have a feeling of happiness or security.

The majority of horses like a human who is a good leader to them. This takes us to looking at how horses behave in a herd. The Alpha horse is the one who can provide security to the herd. The others know that they can follow him, they will be protected and their needs will be met. They trust him. These horses look up to their owners in that way.

Do they like our cuddles and all the kisses and rubs we give them? Some do, others don’t. They are like people. Some like to have their personal space, some are in your face, some crave for a cuddle or attention. You don’t need me to know this 🙂

It is hard for me to tell an owner that I did not receive any images of them so maybe their horse is not found of them. However, this does not mean the horse will never love them! Horses are our teachers and they show us all we don’t know (or refuse to see) about ourselves.

When your horse does not seem to love you, most of the time it is a question of changing yourself. Ok, it might be hard, but it is possible. Some horses might need that special leader, others might need a softer person.

When this happens, maybe it is time to ponder on what needs to be done. The good thing is that you will become a better person!

I know it is disheartening for an owner to have a horse who does not respond to them or when you have that horrible feeling that you are not compatible or it doesn’t click. Some people’s answer to this is to sell the horse and buy another one to then discover that the new one does not like them either and so on.

Selling your horse might not be the answer. The answer might lie within yourself. Maybe you don’t have the patience? Do you expect too much from your horse? Are you afraid of your horse? Are you uncomfortable when you ride? Are you listening to what he is telling you? etc. So many questions!

A session can help understand what it is that the horse is missing in this relationship but he cannot tell you what to do about it.

A horse will most likely question your relationship with him now and then. They put us on the spotlight all the time. It is like they are saying “You are not doing what you are supposed to do and I don’t like this!” but it is up to you to find out what you are supposed to do! They point you into the right direction when they start responding to you or when you can see a change in their attitude.

However, some horses can trick you into thinking that they cannot do what you ask of them. These ones are those who like to stay withing their comfort zone. I don’t believe they do it on purpose and they are mean (none of them are mean for no reason), they just do not like stepping into the unknown and you will need to convince them that your ways are better than theirs! This is where you might need to engage a professional trainer who will not only show the horse that there are better ways, but also show you how to handle these situations.

Be true to yourself as your horse will know if you are not and will be quite content to point it out!

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