Horse Power

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I’ve just watched a TV series called “Horse Power” which demonstrates the bond between horses and humans. An absolutely amazing show! Monty Roberts made an appearance as well as Jean Francois Pignon and a world renown race horse trainer (I don’t remember his name).

It is interesting to see how these three men have different opinions on how horses communicate and why they do what we ask.

The race horse trainer believes horses race out of fear. The only reason why they gallop on a racecourse is fear. As an animal communicator, I don’t agree with him. I have met horses who have the heart to race, it’s in them and they love it. On the other hand, I have met horses who had lost the desire to race or simply did not have the heart. Yes, they would gallop but did not have what is necessary to become a winner. These horses get taken out of racing pretty quickly. I own one of those and fear would not have been his reason for racing. In fact, if he had been so scared, then he would have won.

Monty Roberts, as portrayed in this documentary, believes the horse follows the person once the person is able to understand the horse’s language. The horse then sees the person as another horse and a leader. I agree with him, but I also believe it is not all there is to it.

Jean Francois Pignon believes the horse sees the human as a leader from the start, but as a predator. As the human demonstrates to the horse he is not a predator, he becomes a protector, a leader they can trust with their life. Trust is the key here.

Monty and Jean Francois’ philosophies complement each other. This is shown in their work and what they can do with horses. My beliefs align with Jean Francois’ theories.

You can judge for yourself by watching a video of Jean Francois’ work:

Horses are sensitive and their communication with us goes beyond words and body language. They sense  our feelings, they judge us, they trust us if we are worth it. They have shaped our world for thousands of years working for us and becoming our companions. Learning their language can only take us to some amazing adventure!

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