Mini Pigs The Latest Pet Craze

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Many people would love to keep pigs as pets due to their adorable nature and overall friendliness. As such, pigs as pets have experienced random surges of popularity in the past. However, fully grown pigs can get quite large and difficult to care for which always keeps the trend from spreading. A recent development though, has seen the breeding of new miniature pigs, or “teacup pigs”.

Mini pigs start out at birth no larger than a teacup and grow up to only about 1/10th of a normal adult pig. Due to these factors, they have become the latest craze and the most sought after pets in many countries of late.

Pig breeder, Jane Croft, breeds these lovely little creatures by crossing 3 different breeds of pigs. The Tamworth, a pig that is ginger to red in color, and is in a medium weight range, sows weighing about 200 kg and boars around 400 kg. Next is the Kune Kunes, which doesn’t usually weight much over 110 kg and is known for being fat and round. Finally, the third pig would be the Gloucester Old Spots originally from Gloucestershire, England.

These adorable little porkers have become so loved worldwide that even celebrities are starting to keep them. Demand for mini pigs is constantly growing and Harry Potter actor Rupert Grint, who plays Ron Weasley, is only one of the latest names to add to a growing list of mini pig owners list. And of course, Paris Hilton has one named “Princess Pigelette”!

Mini pigs are also well received for various reasons other than being adorable. For one, they are much more intelligent than dogs and beat them in IQ tests. They are playful and very curious. They dislike being left alone and when bored, can easily get themselves in trouble by looking for something to do. It is best to keep a couple of mini pigs so they can keep each other company. Miniature pigs have a lifespan of about 14 years. In addition, mini pigs are also easy to toilet train and teach new tricks too. The little animals also have no fur, which makes them perfect for many wannabe pet owners who have unfortunate allergies to animal hair.

You might need to check with your local council whether there are any local laws or restrictions in keeping mini pigs in your area.

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  2. It’s nice to hear that pigs are now considered as pets co’z for a long time they are just labeled as one of our favorite food.. those mini pigs are really cute makes me wonder what it feels like to take care of them.

    1. Pigs are very intelligent and when they are sent to the slaughter house, they know well in advance where they going as they do not load in those trucks without a fight! I am too pleased to see that trend picking up! Thank you for visiting!

  3. They are really cute when they’re small, but they can grow quite large in comparison. I should imagine this is a problem if the owners see them as just a fashion accessory. Hopefully owners will commit when the pigs grow up too. Apart from that, they are very cute and it’s a bonus if they’re easy to toilet train!

    1. Although they are mini pigs, they do then to grow to a fair size, but still, they are smaller than the normal ones 🙂 you’re right, owners do need to understand that they don’t stay so small!

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