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Horse Care Basics – Part 2

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Following on Part 1 of Horse Care Basics, this article provides tips on grooming, management of stalls and stables and horse training.

Horse grooming tips

Wild horses stay clean by grooming themselves daily, rolling in grass, scratching against trees and getting washed by rain. They naturally know how and what to do to eliminate shedding hair and have their hooves trimmed. Domesticated horses who do not live among a herd or are confined in small areas or stables, rely entirely on humans to carry out these essential grooming tasks. read more

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Horse Care Basics – Part 1

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Horses require much care, love, understanding, dedication and personal attention. The species is extremely sensitive and is easily affected by their environment. Horse owners should be mindful of how they care for their horse as it will affect the horse’s health and behaviour.

I hope you’ll find this series of horse care tips helpful.

Behaviour in Herd environment

In a herd environment, horses must adhere to the rules of the system, especially to the established hierarchy. This is the key for horses’ survival and success of the herd’s organisation. This means, they must act fast when danger is signalled by the member of the group. read more

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