Tips About Cat Spraying

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Cat spraying is annoying for pet owners

Spraying is the term used to define the process in which a cat leaves traces of its urine at seemingly random places and objects. This is a very common problem most cat owners will face at the start. However, although it can be frustrating to constantly have to face this annoyance, do take solace in the fact that the spraying problem can also easily be solved if you know what to do.

To solve the spraying problem, we must first understand the underlying root causes behind the action. Despite what most pet cat owners believe, the true reason behind spraying isn’t your cat’s inability to control neither its bowels nor a matter of toilet training. A cat’s urine contains pheromones, which is a substance that cats and other animals use for communicating. Although it cannot be perceived by a normal human being, this is also the way that cats identify each other. Do understand that a cat is merely marking its own territory when it starts spraying. In addition, this also allows other cats to easily know that this territory along belongs to another cat.

Furthermore, the scent of the urine can also be seen by cats of the opposite sex as a sexual indicator. Cats looking for some mating will tend to exhibit this behaviour far more frequently in the hope of attracting a sexual partner. In short, cats will spray when in heat, during encounters with other cats or even when they are feeling stressed out.

The action can be a really annoying one for pet cat owners but do bear in mind that scolding or shouting will do no good towards solving the issue. In fact, it has been shown that such behaviour only tends to promote more spraying in future. This means of communication between cats results in a horrible stench that humans cannot stand but rest assured that cats only do this outdoors most of the time. Nonetheless, do take note that if you don’t let your cat get out of the house, it can easily start spraying indoors and cause you serious problems. If spraying ever occurs in your house, take action and do something about it instantly.

Depending on the gender of your cat, the most common way to curb spraying is to have your cat neutered or spayed. Male cats have been neutered mostly stop spraying from the very day that the surgery was performed. Nonetheless, for those of you who do not want to neuter your cat, you can source around for other alternatives to stop spraying.

In any case, if any pet cat owner encounters a serious issue with spraying, the most recommended course of action to take is to seek out a vet. The vet will be able to find out the root cause of the problem and even advise you on measures you can take to prevent this from happening again in future. Medical problems are sometimes the main reason behind why a cat starts spraying so always check with an experienced vet if you are unsure.

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