2009 – June

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Welcome to June 2009 newsletter!

Winter is definitely upon us now! Here in Queensland, the sunshine state, we have had temperatures way below 0 with frost in paddocks! Time to rug our 4 legged friends I think! If you don’t have a rug, don’t worry though. Horses are very good at adapting to changing weather. You can always give them more hay to help them keep warm.

Latest articles:

Death in the eye of the horse
Horse Whispers

Dying is a natural process which occurs as part of any living being’s life path. It is the death of the physical body whilst the soul migrates to another realm. Some will argue that animals do not have souls. As any animal communicator will tell you, animals have souls and we are able to connect with them in these higher realms.

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Soon to come at Horse Whispers:

  • Homeopathy 1st Aid kits: I will soon be offering homeopathy 1st aid kits for horses. Homeopathy is a vibrational therapy that has been in used in the world for centuries. It is a safe complementary therapy that works fine along conventional medicine. Horses respond very well to this modality and it helps until the vet can visit.
  • FREE animal communication course: want to learn how to communicate intuitively with your horse or pet? You will soon be able to learn the basics of animal communication for free in the comfort of your own lounge!
  • Custom engraved wooden plaques with the name of your horse or pet to hang on their stable or kennel.

You can register your interests for any of the above by emailing me at cass@horsewhispers.com.au

Until next time, take care!


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