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2009 – November

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2009 – November Newsletter – horse Whispers

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Horse Whispers

Welcome to November Newsletter



Dear ,
I have to resign myself that there are only 24 hours in a day and that I will sleep at least 8 of these hours! Time seems to fly faster than I can run! So with this in mind, please be forgiving as this newsletter is a bit slimmer than usual!

Animal Communication:
Lily’s Diary

Lily and CassWell, we are moving along nicely in performing tricks (only small tricks!)

Lily can now do a little turn, like a very slow spin, just by using a sign from me. She is also learning how to be “proud”. This is just a little exercise where she learns how to collect herself while standing still. I stand at her shoulder and with my hand between her chest and chin without touching her, I make a little movement with my fingers and tell her “Lily, be proud! You are a proud, beautiful horse!” I make sure I stand proud too!

I don’t believe in exclusively following one technique or methodology, whether it be in training, spirituality or animal communication. It is important to look and learn from others but you must build your own as you have the free will to choose. Use what works for you and your animal, what feels right and where you are both comfortable. I have just purchased the DVD of Nevzorov, Haute Ecole and I recommend it to anyone who dares to look at an incredible method of training! Would I ever be able to do what this trainer does with his horses? Probably not. Would I ever be able to never use a bridle or halter on a horse? I would like to but I don’t think I’ll have the ability to. However, I can surely get some ideas and try some of his exercises. I definitely like the idea of the “cordeo” and Lily is trying hard to get used to this new tool. While I was watching this DVD, I noticed how this man communicates with his horses, not only through physical touch but through intuition. I don’t know whether he is aware of this type of communication, but the horses are. You can feel it yourself through the video! I have seen Guy McLean’s shows and his DVDs, Parelli and Quantum Savvy’s DVDs and watched few trainers in my life. I have never felt what I felt when watching Nevzorov. The horses don’t just perform out of respect or because he is their unconditional leader, they also perform because they love him and they thoroughly enjoy it! They love him unconditionally as he loves them. It goes beyond amazing training. There is a lot of close contact in this method where your personal space and the one of the horse become one. The horse is allowed and encouraged to be very close to you which some might not agree with. I personally believe this close contact helps you build and enhance your intuitive communication. Sometimes, there is a fine line between a loving close contact and one where the horse becomes “naughty”. As you see in the DVD, Nevzorov provides a gentle and efficient way of dealing with it.

Few weeks ago, Lily had a fall in the paddock after a blue with Thunder and she was sore and bruised for weeks. Everyday I checked the sore spots by gently caressing her all over. She would tell me it was sore by putting her ears back and turning towards me. One day, I was caressing her on the chest, which had never been sore, and then suddenly she bent her head down and tried to bit me. Instinctively I jumped on the side and flicked her on the shoulder with my hand and said out loud “Don’t do this to me!” and I turned away and sat down on the bench. She looked at me and I ignored her. She then came to me and put her head on my shoulder and said “I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to do it but it hurt me!”. I looked up and looked into her eyes. She was indeed sorry. I apologised to her for hurting her and told her she needed to be more gentle in showing me where she hurt. The next day, she told me where she was sore simply by lifting her head up and putting her ears back slightly. Huge improvement!


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Until next month, take all care! Please kiss your pets for me!
Horse Whispers
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